Doing Blurb/Summary Reviews!



Hi! Sure! I’ll let you know once I’ve had a look.


Thank you so much!


Checking it out now. Thanks Roo! <3


Yung Yakuza Trilogy: Broken


i’ll follow you btw


Sure! Will let you know once it’s up


Thanks for the follow! The critique is up on my page.


Hi! Are you still doing blurb reviews?


Hi! Yeah! Want me to check something out?


Yeah, can you do a review of my blurb?
Title: Clipped Mind


Sure! Will let you know once it’s up on my page


Thank you! I’m going to follow you.


Thanks! Your critique is up!


Title: Darkening Seduction
Link to your story: H E R E


It’s done! Up on my page. Also, am I losing my marbles or your story can’t be found on your profile page?


Awhh thank you so much for your kind words! (And it should be… are you not able to find the book on my page? :open_mouth: )


Yeah! I could only find it via link. But when I go to your page it only has your reading list. Not sure if it’s a web glitch or something from my side. This is what I see when I go on your page:


So odd… thank you for pointing that out to me :joy: I’m gonna go investigate


Sure! Maybe ask someone else too, to see if it’s a problem on Wattpad or just on my side/my country :smiley:


Hi! I would really appreciate a review. I have only written the first chapter so far, but I would like some feedback before continuing. I`ll check out your story for payment :slight_smile: Where do you want me to write my feedback? As a personal message or comment?

Wings Of Flame