doja cat ❤ free covers & banners ❤ closed

hi! we’re elle and elli but you can call us your demon overlords. me and @korralistic will be offering covers & banners for your needs.

heart= forms || three dots = examples

this thread is by all means no commitment meaning we aren’t ‘accepting’ (but still can ‘deny’), as we have lives and do not want you to wait around for us forever. we will generally attempt to try and complete as many requests as we can, however.

I. tell us if the story is posted or not.
II. tell us if you plan to/have thread hooped
III. the password is your fav song
IV. don’t report us the to fbi
V. be nice

image by korralistic \ coding by byefromhell

these graphics are free but credit is mandatory! also, a follow would be nice

just because you picked one of us, doesn’t mean that person will actually do your request

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hi i’m doin queue even tho it’s a no commitment bc elli is a MESS
alliedawnx || 15 || cover || byefromhell
moxxxii || 18 || gif banner || korralistic
phattimaddi || 19 || cover || byefromhell

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we’re open i guess??? ahhh


amazing. im going to play skyrim now for ten years HOLD DOWN THE FORT ELLI

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your graphics are gorgeous :heart: definitely going to request! I think the form is broken? It takes me to a blank pastebin

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it works fine for me? hmm

bump for beautiful thread and examples :’)

why is it so freaking beautiful!!!

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ahh thanks so much chi x

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@AllieDawnx @nearlys thank u both sm :’)


i could pm you the forms if you’d like

sure :slight_smile: it might not be public and that’s why I can’t see it

im pretty sure it was on public when i made it, but i’ll check

gif regular
text; The Truth About Us
mood + colors;
ideas/pics; a blend of Noah Centineo and Troian Bellisario, a house or water in the background (to signify family/biology), a light color scheme (neutral colors, maybe red undertones), not too bright
preferred designer; either is fine, whoever has the most inspo :slight_smile:
misc; fav song rn is slide away by miley, could I request a cover as well?


title; When The Stars Fall
subtitle; Jack Kline
author; Laura Ann Lee
mood + colors; Gloomy/Dark/sad (just listing some but feel free to stray away from it)
ideas/pics; I would like something similar to my cover that I made, but something better; Something to do with this photo and an all black background with stars all around, nice and bright. Or you can use any photo of Alexander Calvert (Jack Kline), have him in the night sky with bright stars and fallen feathers.
inspo; not required: N/A
preferred designer; Any c: not picky.
misc; Avril Lavigne - Dumb Blonde. Thanks if either one accepts. Story will be posted soon

gif regular
text; When The Stars Fall
mood + colors; Dark/Gloomy; black/white/red (just listing some but feel free to stray away from it)
ideas/pics; I was thinking the background could be a night sky with stars, falling feathers. If possible, Could you add Jack Kline in the middle ( one, two, three, four, five ) He’s Alexander Calvert (Jack Kline) Feel free to play around with it.
inspo; not required
preferred designer; Whoever makes gifs.
misc; Avril Lavigne- Bigger WOW

title; Down to the Bone
subtitle; none
author; M. M. Haley
mood + colors; Dark, but I don’t want it to be black. Like a dark navy or dark maroon color.
ideas/pics; I’m thinking something minimal and incorporating a fishbone or any kind of skull and bones kind of scenario
inspo; I don’t have any specific inspo ideas. Up for interpretation for this one!
preferred designer; Either one that would be interested in trying it!
misc; it isn’t posted yet & I think Toxic by Lil John right now

hi there!

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