doja cat ❤ free covers & banners ❤ closed

@ requesters listen i’ma wait for elle to do anything cause i’m a total mess sorry

@AllieDawnx @Moxxxii hi you two! please provide color schemes for your requests! just list some colors you like and think will fit.

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Edited. c:

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edited :slight_smile:

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I love Doja Cat. I’ll leave now.

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we do too!!!

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Do you do coding? :slight_smile:


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@AllieDawnx hey! feel free to request whatever you want! @byefromhell will be taking your request ^^
@Moxxxii hey! i’ll be taking your gif request! but unfortunately both me and elli don’t believe we’ll do your cover request justice, we’re super sorry about that :<
@phattimaddi heyo! @byefromhell will be doing your request ^^


Thank God, where is the form for it?

i don’t offer threads here

hi there! so i have started working on your banner, and this is what i’ve got so far! now i made it so that the text is covering their faces, and wondered if that would be ok with you if i continue like this? this is how it looks like so far: (I’m not done, obviously)

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hey, can you supply a few ideas for things to fill space ^^? like books, cars, clocks, ect - like how in my ‘han hyo joo’ banner you can see books and plants surrounding the models but they aren’t the main focus, they’re just to fill space ^^

You could add old books, fallen feathers, an old pocket watch, the 67’ chevy impala from the show (supernatural). is that enough?

yep, that’s perfect! thank u!

That looks awesome! I love it! Would you be able to use a different picture of Troian where she’s not wearing a hat? I can find something if need be

I’m sorry i had no choice
um hello fbi hi I need to report something

uh yes the graphics here are too beautiful and im worried its too much for a mere mortal’s eyes


title; suburban boys
author; grace marie
mood + colors; id prefer warmer, sunset colors like yellows, oranges and pinks
ideas/pics; a manip or something like that would be really cool. I really like this cover for example:


inspo; im really into the suburban neighborhood aesthetic. (idk if you can tell by the title) so it’d be nice to capture that. id also like my two main characters to be the center focus w maybe some kind of background like what you see below.

suburb inspo


882D935D-4268-4552-8D19-B265BB02D6E6 CD4050DA-3858-4CB8-B2FB-85D75E8FD6B3 D412AC59-5F70-4BA9-BC1A-F34557673608

preferred designer; either is fine :slight_smile:

misc; the faceclaims for my characters are forrest wheeler and isaak presley (please use recent photos of them lol) below are some that i like but don’t feel like you have to use
these specific ones

faceclaim photos

Isaak%20Presley%20Priv%20Alliance%20LA%20Fashion%20Presentation%20Q7f42EicNfql V1_SY1000_CR0%2C0%2C612%2C1000_AL



thanks sm! let me know if I should clear anything up

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