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Those who have played or want to know more are welcome…

@Lumi for currently playing and because we were derailing a different thread :rofl::rofl:


Did my game just break?

Purple haired bookworm stabbed herself, and unreadable text keeps popping up.

The “skip” button just makes it repeat the same sequences. wtf?!


Nevermind. I think I fixed it now.

Phew. It is fixed now.


My mind is literally exploding right now.

Monika broke the fourth wall. :sob:




It’s such a trip!!!


Very much so!

I just deleted Monika and restarted the game again. Ahhhh!


I was completely oblivious to Monika. I thought she was the one person I could depend on after Yuri’s episodes with cutting. But then she started deleting the others and asdfghjkl. I can’t even.


I… think it’s over now.

The credits just rolled and everything.


Looks like I can’t play the game anymore.

I guess I finally beat it, then.

My mind has no words.



I didn’t even like Monika from the beginning but everyone was so whack I was like wtf


TBH I never even tried to play it again! Did you get to the part where she had you locked in the classroom and she just spoke for ages and ages, or did you delete her before that? @Lumi


Cupcake girl was the most sane, honestly.

I listened to her ramble for a while but got bored and deleted her.


@Lumi you should watch these Watch this first (starts like 2 mins in tho)

And this one second :

goes through like the whole theory


Yeah I didn’t listen to all of it… I actually couldn’t figure out how to delete her for the longest time though!


Will do when it’s not like super late. :rofl:

I should probably go to sleep soon.


I think I ended up deleting her after the yandere thing.

Also, she tells you how to delete characters in one of her rambles.

So, that’s how I figured it out. :rofl:


Yeah I saw she mentioned it but when I went looking for it I couldn’t find it again lol I skipped all the text so I didn’t really read it all…

Best not to what those videos late they go full conspiracy especially the second


Lol. That makes sense.

I don’t mind watching stuff late, but I really should be sleeping in less than an hour.

So… I’d end up being carried away if I watched videos instead.

Although, I did read this link just now:

It is fascinating.


Honestly, it really is a bit crazy! I love theories like this but I like it more because it is actually based on something! Like… the clues are all there :star_struck: