“𝙨𝙬𝙖𝙣 𝙨𝙤𝙣𝙜” | Dollify edits | open for max. 5 requests


“𝙨𝙬𝙖𝙣 𝙨𝙤𝙣𝙜”

I previously did this type graphic in another thread and it did pretty well. If you’ve ever been on Instagram or Twitter or know your apps, you know that Dollify is a make-your-own avatar/doll app created by Dave.XP so I do give 100% credit there. I simply do edits, in which I usually take requests and then edit it to be an icon or character edit.

And with the current situation with a certain virus, I obviously have nothing to do except sit at home and stare at a screen, and personally, the news is starting to wear down my nerves. So, for a brief time, I’ll be doing Dollify edits. Payment is a follow and credit, and that should be done prior to delivery because edits do take up to 8 hours.

Password is favorite era or decade.

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Examples (I usually post them on my Instagram)

image image

Form found here

Requesting a Dollify edit

Male | Female | Non-Binary:

Hair length/style:

Hair color/eyebrow color:

Eye color: (both or different colors for opposite sides?)

Skin tone:


Specific features: freckles, mole, eyeglasses, jewelry, etc

Color scheme:


Specific images/items:


Anything else?:


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yellingpossum | post 8 | delivered (post 15) | completed

areyoutenyearsago | post 21 | delivered (post 28) | completed

vilegloom | post 32 | delivered (post 74) | completed

poppyqueen01 | post 25 | delivered (Post 73) | completed

missace123 | post 36 | delivered (post 46) | completed

Minxatious | post 35 | pending | PAYMENT STATUS

BlackEverest | post 58 | delivered (post 80) | completed | with header

BlackEverest | post 67 | delivered (post 91) | completed | with header


abusiveblueberries | post 89 | in progress | completed


Male | Female | Non-Binary: Male

Hair length/style: short

Hair color/eyebrow color: Blue/Black

Eye color: both yellow

Skin tone: White

Shirt/jacket: Black Shirt or Jacket, i dun mind

Specific features: piercing if possible

Color scheme: black & red

Mood: dark

Specific images/items: smoke, a mirror maybe? dark things

Fillers/stickers: n/a

Anything else?: nope, thank u!

Password: the 90’s!

Any specific placing for the piercing?


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Accepted. Please complete payment and your edit will be done by late tonight.

Here is a preview of your Dollify Edit. If you feel everything is in order and the payment is complete, I’ll send the copy without the preview watermark

And I also forgot the nose ring but I can definitely add that.

payment is done x plz add the nose ring

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Is this good?

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yep! looks awesome. thank u x

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No problem!

Still open?

Absolutely. I’ve got way too much time on my hands right now.