Don't be a copycat!

I was able to get the plagiarist to take it down after 20 days of commenting and messaging. I have decided to post my work here, because I want to see the good side of this platform vs the one I have.

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Idk if I’m a bit paranoid…but after making my first book that would go slightly higher than 400 views i started seeing a fuck ton of new books, having the name of my book in the title and descriptions were awfully tryharding not to seem like a copy…
now i took this either like:

  1. i either inspired someone to write something else
  2. people used the ideas from my book to make their own version.

Not to mention that I’ve readed some of those things and they seemed like some sort of criticism or hate against my book or purely trying to rebuild what i have created in another shape.
Now none of them matched my tastes and hence why I dont consider them a threat…but i really want to calm my mind about this because when i first started that book there were only 4 (mine included) with such name and each was different.

That’s interesting. I see that you’re writing litRPG. This has been a hot genre in the last couple of years and one where authors have done well by writing to market. I understand that the write to market strategy is to identify a target genre, examine the top books in that genre, and then imitate those books. It’s possible that you’re on the receiving end of this strategy. Or maybe you’ve caught a wave of popularity.

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I’ve been struggling with publish my work for the past two years because I was in constant fear someone would steal it: I still am but I I want to get my message out there. So, I guess I hope that if someone does steal my work, I’ll actually be notified or stumble upon it so I can do something about it.

Does anyone have any tips? Is there a site which scans the internet for similar/exact same content if you type it in to check?

Sure, it’s called

Take a few sentences from the first chapter of your story and drop it into google search. If that chapter has been up on any public Inernet site for more than a few days, it’ll show up. For example, if you have that chapter up on Wattpad, it will likely come up as the first hit.

That won’t find a plagiarist who is changing meta-data and using only an online bookstore (Amazon KDP is especially popular with plagiarists) or POD services to print paper copies. Many of them only get caught when a reader notices.

But typically such people go after the works of well-known, already popular authors. If you are such a one, congrats! You might think of it as a sign of success; a high-quality problem to hav. Most writers need to pay more attention to finding readers than hunting down plagiarists.


I have my books with Blasty. It crawls the net looking for copyright violations and sends out “Blasts,” take down notices. So far I haven’t seen my book on Wattpad generating any blasts. Although I get a lot of this with my Amazon books.