Don't be a copycat!


For real? OOooohhhh dear. Cris is in deep. :grimacing:


Just cut and paste all the blogs and tweets from other people, send it to a ghostwriter, tell the ghostwriter it’s your original work and have them put it together into a book. All done!


I think the whole concept of an author hiring ghostwriters is bizarre anyway.

Just write your own damn stuff!

So I’m not really surprised that she’d plagiarize.


She has since deleted most (if not all) of her social media and her website. If that isn’t a big shiny guilty light, I’m not sure what is. Yes writing twitter can often times be vicious to the point of flat out bullying, but if she was truly innocent she wouldn’t need to turn tail and hide like this.


Wait, she thought she could get a real ghostwriter for only $5? ʕʘ.ʘʔ


Not necessarily. Fiverr is just the name of the website; rates for various jobs vary. Though the platform is skewed toward vendors in foreign countries who will do the job for less.


Apparently she did not even pay one of them. I’m waiting for that novel @StevenJPemberton this is a classic thriller. Seriously gobsmacked at the greed, stupidity and sloppiness of that lady.


From a cold, rational, economic perspective, it’s just division of labour. If you don’t particularly care about writing as a creative or artistic pursuit, but are an entrepreneur who sees it as a good business to get into (low overheads, no barriers to entry, can be done from anywhere, potentially unlimited revenue stream), it makes sense to hire someone else - possibly several someone elses - to do the writing while you concentrate on running the business. Everybody specialises in what they’re good at, and if you run the business well, everybody makes more money than they would on their own.

Of course, if you don’t run the business well, it can all go downhill quite quickly. Not bothering to check whether your writers are following the law would generally fall under the “not running the business well” heading.


At the risk of getting smacked down for shameless self-promotion, I did actually write a short story about a vaguely similar premise, and made a film of it, which you can watch here if you’re so inclined -


I’ll take that in the spirit it is meant and will not do my usual ambassadorial ton of bricks routine. :wink:


I understand when it happens for franchised serial stories that have been going on for years and years. Often that’s when an estate or a publisher is looking to keep a series alive and fans are happy for it.

But an author doing it like this… churning out a ton of titles in six years and representing them as her original content - It creeps me out.

I understand her motive, but that doesn’t make it any less terrible to me.


How do you make sure other people haven’t stolen your work?


You can’t really. But you can google your stories, pick small excerpts, google the titles and your username.

I’ve found my works on a mirror site (Wattpad knows about it and they’re working on taking it down) but that’s one way of making sure your work isn’t for example for sale on Amazon or something like that.


I don’t know if I’d go that far, but it definitely comes across as dishonest. Perhaps it’s because with most other forms of entertainment, the consumer knows they’re the work of many people. But books usually have only one person’s name on the front, so the reader expects that person to have done most or all of the work.


This was just interesting in itself to read to be honest.


Hi @AWFrasier! So after you found out people were copying your story, you reported it to Wattpad and they’re working on taking down?


So this author has a WP profile. She’s taken down a lot of her social media stuff, but her WP is still up.

I hope she didn’t rip anyone off from here. :frowning:


I reached out to one of the senior ambassadors because I wasn’t really sure how to deal with it. He talked with HQ and told me they knew about the site. The problem with sites like those particular mirror sites is that they’re based in other countries, so they can be hard to deal with. And they’re literally a mirror of Wattpad. So if I upload a new story to Wattpad, the site will mirror my activity. (and like thousands of other wattpad users)

It’s super annoying especially since those sites can be filled with malware :confused:


Heck yeah! I mean, what an inconvenience and lack of respect for your work! I hope it’s solved soon!


I hope so too! I know other sites like that have been taken down before, but they spring back up again with a slightly different domain. :roll_eyes: