Don't be a copycat!


I must be in the minority here, but I’ve never thought someone was smart due to what their profession is.

And it’s so terrible to have writing stolen! Yikes.


You don’t think that scientists and neurosurgeons are necessarily smarter than janitors? ʕʘ.ʘʔ


Regardless of her native intelligence, you’d think someone trained in the law would understand copyright. Heck, the legal courses I took in journalism school at least taught me about fair use.


I would think lawyers would have expertise in the practice of law! Meaning, don’t steal! It’s a simple principle.


Lawyers steal all the time. But usually they do it in a way that’s technically legal. This doesn’t even glance at the letter of the law.


People have no common decency. What is one of the most important things people are taught in school? DON’T PLAGIARIZE! But here we are… Talking about people who just copy and paste and think they’re so clever. It’s a joke.


Gosh. How dumb can some people be?

It’s one thing for her to take the story. But for her to enter it into a contest?! Wow.


Too many lawyers, before acting, don’t ask themselves, “Is this right?” or even “Is this legal?” but “Will I get away with it?” In other words, “Will I be sued, and if so, will the other party be able to prove it?”


That’s what I do every couple months. Happened a few times with my first book and I quickly notified Wattpad.


Yeah, I’ve started doing the same. Luckily none of them have showed up anywhere else than the mirror site so far. Hopefully it stays that way :crossed_fingers:


Seeing as the copy-pasta was publicly on KDP for anyone to download…

This is why some business professionals prefer spoken conversations to text. It’s easier for written words to come back to haunt you.


I’m still following this on Nora Roberts Blog and David Gaughran’s blogs. It should be interesting to see if Nora Roberts can throw some weight into getting KU cleaned up or changed somehow.

It sure would be nice to be able to make ‘part-time job’ money at writing.


How do you do a search for plagiarised work on here?


And if you’re not a big author it’s hard to find out it’s happening to you, I’d say.


I think the only way, as @AWFrasier has mentioned, is to copy and paste some of what you’ve written on google. From what I’ve seen, there’s nothing more you can do, really.


I agree. I can only hope she has some sway, but like David’s been saying, Amazon doesn’t care.


Guys, I just googled my user name: Celeste A. Brook on google and discovered a mirror site has mine and tons of other stories copied from Wattpad I’m trying to report it to wattpad but it’s not working… :frowning: @AWFrasier @Prisim @MerrilyMerrily @MarinaM56

Do you know what we can do in this kind of situation, @nick? :(:sob:


This is one of those mirror sites. Pretty sure Wattpad knows about it.


Still trying to report it, though…


I’ve done a check on my name but drawn a blank. How does the work get off WP? You can’t copy and paste so they must have someone copying directly?