Don't be a copycat!


All of it can be automated. It’s fairly easy to write a scraping tool that takes the HTML directly from the webpage. There are even open-source libraries that can help with this.


Oh, God, we’re potentially all doomed then :thinking:


Yes that’s one of the mirror sites and wattpad is aware of it but because its hosted in Vietnam it’s a lot harder to fight. I’m going to edit the link out as the mirror sites unfortunately often do come with a bunch of viruses.


Well…based on this thread, it seems people don’t need the help of mirror sites or automation to infringe on each other’s copyright anyway. :neutral_face:

But yes, it’s a big issue.


Nora Roberts has excellent lawyers and she’s also got a VAST following who are happy to boycott Amazon if she wants them to.

Nora is very generous, so if she says shes going to get to the bottom of this - she will.


I’ve Googled a pen name I use that’s not on wattpad. I remember one day getting a match for a music band. It’s a rather unique pen name, so they must have liked it and used it. Some other sites that Google finds are malicious sites. Click on them and your computer gets corrupted. And then there are the sites that flatly stole the stories.


It seems to me that there is a big structural aspect to Wattpad that not all members of Wattpad are aware of, and that Wattpad itself is coy about, which is that Wattpad makes all of its content available to the world on the web, without requiring readers to have an account to search or read. That creates at least three problems:

  1. It makes it trivial for mirror sites and others to scrape all the content
  2. It makes it hard to gather useful engagement metrics, because many readers are untraceable.
  3. It contributes to the feeling that some agents and publishers have that once a story is published on Wattpad, it is tainted.

If Wattpad allowed only members to read, #2 and #3 would largely vanish as problems. #1 would still exist (because thieves and plagiarists could easily become members), but mirroring would be more difficult, because it would be possible to detect that an account is using automation to troll material faster than any real person could.

Of course that would change the nature of Wattpad from a ‘get maximum exposure’ platform to a club. A club with 65 million members.

I think, overall, it would benefit authors on Wattpad to require readers to have an account to read more than the story description and maybe first chapter. But presumably it benefits Wattpad’s ad revenue to allow the world to browse.


I’m afraid I don’t know how to answer that one. I don’t know how mirror sites work other than they literally mirror the site. That’s the extent of my knowledge LOL Usually their purpose is to spread virus’ and other maleware thingies. I don’t know enough about technical aspects to know what Wattpad could or couldn’t do to keep the mirrors from being created, but I do know international laws are what is hindering them from being able to get said mirrors removed.


Yet another case of summoning me without proper goat sacrifices.

Mirror sites are copying Wattpad, not individual stories, and so it becomes our duty to knock them out and restrict access. We do that both by individually knocking out the websites and blocking them and then also working on ways to make it permanently impossible to mirror, or significantly harder each time (and a war of escalation begins)


Must it be a goat? I rather like goats. I’m less fond of chickens. What about two chickens instead of a goat?


I’ll take two chickens for a goat but it may not summon the correct Nick. You never know with these rituals


I come into this thread and this is the first thing I see :joy:


If it’s Truyenfun or something along those lines, then Wattpad knows about it.


Not quite the same thing, but why do other writers impersonate others on Amazon? They do realize just what they’re doing right?

It’s not as common as outright theft, but it drives me nuts when it happens. Take my name if you must, but don’t impersonate my name and style.

There are jobs whre impersonation is OK, creative-writing is not one of these.

Writing is not Female Impersonation, for example.


Hey, not my fault you’re so generous with your answers… :wink: Thanks a lot for the info, though. I’ll send you a virtual chocolate bar and a glass of wine for your hard work.:chocolate_bar::wine_glass:


People can still copy and rewrite your chapter anyway… Someone here mentioned something about putting an Author Note on your chapters, reminding your readers that your stories are only published here or on other specific websites, and to let you know if they’ve seen it somewhere else. It might help.


I’m literally on wattpad today because one of my readers let me know that one of my walking dead fanfictions had been stolen off one of the other sites I use. The ‘author’ here has changed some wording around here and there, but it’s still recognizable as something that I’ve been working on since 2014. Which is disgusting.


That’s unfortunately how I joined Wattpad too. Someone took my story and posted it here, but they didn’t change anything.

Did you report it? Wattpad is very good about removing plagiarized work, they just need proof which you have in the form of where you originally posted the work.


Not necessarily. Most of my friends and family aren’t on Wattpad, so public access is the only way for them to see my stories here.


I’ve posted work on other sites before, and sometimes I fear that readers will have remembered reading it elsewhere, and think I am plagiarizing myself, haha.