Don't be a copycat!


I’ve sometimes thought about if someone stole the work and then just marched up to a publisher being: this is my book, I’ve also written under the penname AWFrasier on wattpad O.O
But I discovered that you can’t copy paste chapters from wattpad :sweat_smile:

So I’m curious to how they can copy your work when copy pasting doesn’t work on wattpad chapters? Did someone go old-school and wrote your book word for word just to publish it on a site? And why do people do that? I mean, I suppose they posted your book on a free site like wattpad, so why would one go through the trouble?

I hope it gets taken down!


It’s a script of some kind that mirrors sites. And on Truyen (the mirror site) you can just copy-paste. So if someone wanted to lift all of my books, they could do it from there. Yaaay. :expressionless:


Gawd I feel sorry for you! But at least they don’t get any money from your hard work. I’m trying to look at it from the bright side (but truth is, if I were you I’d probably be: :scream: :cry::skull: )


Meh. It’s all first drafts so they’re getting all of my plotholes and typos too. I can’t really do anything about it as long as they’re mirroring Wattpad. I think I’d feel worse if it was only happening to me - but it definitely isn’t. Don’t know if that makes me super selfish, but it’s comforting to know it’s not just me being targetted.


It brings a sense of unity :joy: I think it’s also being taken more seriously than if it was a special case, so I get that it’s comforting - but it’s still darned scary and upsetting to say the least.


At least it’s still under my name :’)

I’ve had photographs stolen and used for official stuff without getting paid and not getting the right credit and I’d say that sucks more.


Hmm, are you thinking of magazine photoshoots or the amateur photo? or both


I was a pro photographer for a while and took all kinds of photos. I did a photoshoot for promotional content for two athletes and now those pictures are just everywhere without my name on them :confused: They have some other dude’s name on them now. So that’s… nice. I guess.


What do you mean, another name on them? Like a watermark?

I think with photos/drawings it’s a common belief that if it’s up on the internet, it’s for everybody to use and abuse :no_mouth: If you like a picture of a flower, you put it on your wedding invitation and strictly speaking it wasn’t yours to use, but people don’t think of it that way. When I was in school I would always put pictures on assignments, but I never once put on the source and no one told me it wasn’t okay until you enter university where you have to quote the origin, or you’ll be hanged. Preferably you have to make your figures/photos from scratch or you’re a noob.

Holy smokes, I felt down just by reading what I wrote.


Nah, most official sites have a little credit area under the photos. There’s straight up some rando dude’s name there. It’s also in a news paper. :grimacing:

Also yep. I’ve encountered a lot of people who don’t realise that they can’t just google images and use them for whatever they want. Even with crediting, it’s not okay - unless the original creator has stated that their stuff is free-to-use with or without credit.

Remember folks, just because it’s easy to steal and a lot of people do it, that doesn’t mean you won’t get sued if the artist finds out.


I pretty sure I’m guilty too, it’s just so common now, it has become ridiculous to think that “it’s wrong”. Especially when you aren’t making money on it.


Just imagine someone did the same with your stories. Posting it on another site where they wouldn’t be making money.


I don’t think of it the same way, because on wattpad it clearly states who the writer is, and we have the copyright sign in capital letters. On google it’s much worse: I can never find where the pictures originate from, unlike other sites that actually support the creator. I wanted to use a pic once from deviantart, and (like wattpad) deviantart makes it very clear that things are copyrighted and you can easily see the creator and ask for permission, which I did. I know the problem isn’t google, but the user himself, yet I feel like google could do more to make it easier to reach out to the creator. This way it would also be easier for the creator to actually MAKE money, when users recognize the artist. Otherwise it’s a fight impossible to win for the artist. I don’t know why I’m telling you this, it’s not like you work for google :flushed:


Problem is, it starts with art thievery. Artists upload their stuff to places like twitter, facebook, deviantart, instagram etc. Which all very clearly state who owns the image, because it’s the original creator who uploads it.

Then an art thief comes along and nicks it, posts it under another name on any of the sites mentioned above or another site. Now this is stolen again and again and is posted everywhere (this is what happens when something goes viral these days) And even if the artist put a watermark on the piece, it’s relatively easy to remove it unless it’s right in the middle of where the important parts are.

So I wouldn’t say it’s on google. It’s on people. People just gotta stop thinking art is their property and can be used for whatever they want.


Oh, never thought of people taking a photo from facebook and posting it on twitter was art thievery. I really don’t think it’s a fight anyone can win, sadly, it’s simply too common.


If you take something from the original artist’s page and reposts it on another site, that’s art theft. Some artists allow it, some don’t. So it’s better to just be on the safe side and just… Not do it. Or at the very least link to their social media and personal websites. Reblogging or retweeting is okay.

Not gonna stop trying though, even if it’s common. I mean, as an artist this is something that steals potential business from me. For example, If I have a site that relies on ad revenue and people are posting my stuff on other sites without even linking to my site? Then I’m losing money.


And your family and friends couldn’t or wouldn’t create accounts for themselves on Wattpad? It takes about a minute.

Seems to me the biggest problem for authors might be that they would then be more dependent on Wattpad’s own search and ranking for discovery. Google search works better for Wattpad books that Wattpad’s does :upside_down_face:


Those measures are trivial to defeat if you know anything about computers. They’ll deter a lazy kid who wants their friends to think they wrote a cool fanfiction, but won’t stop anyone who’s willing to put in the time and effort to do it on an industrial scale.


Got that. I’m not that tech savvy, so I would be at loss in copy pasting if ctrl c doesn’t work. Still don’t get why people want to spend their time and moral on copying something that doesn’t give them money, and only makes the creator pull out his own hair.


I’ve had someone take my book, alter a few details (characters name, gender, amount of siblings) merge three chapters into one and post it on their Wattpad page. They even retitled it something really common (Vampire Princess) and to insult me further they tagged me in it as their inspiration. They only thing I can think they did was to screenshot it and type it up how they wanted it. I know don’t trust people on here enough to post that particular book. I advice all the members of my writing group that self editing is much better than hiring someone from Wattpad or someone they don’t know in general.