Don't be a copycat!


People could also sit there and re-type the whole thing if they really really really wanted to steal it. I’m sure there’s other high tech methods which are easier, but that option is always available no matter what Wattpad does to protect it from being stolen.

As for why… well I’m part of the copyright team and my job is to go and find published books that have been posted to Wattpad and report them. Unfortunately only the original copyright holders can report the non-published books. And I’ve seen many people saying things like “I’m posting this here so that those who can’t afford it can read it” so they genuinely think they’re doing something nice without knowing (or maybe caring) of the legal ramifications of what they’re doing. I’ve had books removed because all the poster did was change character names and call it a fan fiction and I’ve seen the poster complain about Wattpad just trying to ruin their fun. Those people usually don’t realize how much legal trouble they could be in if the publisher of the book ever found the book instead of Wattpad just deleting it. It’s one of those if it didn’t happen to someone else, that means it won’t happen to me kind of deals.

Others steal because they don’t think they’ll get caught and they like the attention they’re getting being a “writer.” I think for those it’s the thrill of it that gets them to keep doing it.


I’m thinking of attaching an anti plagiarist curse to my work . :laughing:


You’re depressing me…

How the hell did you find the copied story??


Might as well. But I’d probably put more energy into the “lot of sales” spell!


The idiot tagged me in the story as their inspiration


Pfff hehehehe…:rofl:

Well, I guess that’s better than leaving you in the dark, but it’s also a huge slap in the face :laughing: Oh, the audacity!

Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh :roll_eyes:
I hope the story was wiped off from their site, but I also hope you gave them a piece of your mind!


It now seems everything is thought to be ‘free for all’ ‘Bird Box’ used news footage as background imagery in making the film without consent - Netflix - Bird Box - Lac Megantic.


I’m becoming aware of a lot of shady behavior on Amazon. Pen names pretending to be pen names and endorsing each other’s books.


How many sites have you noped out of because they wanted your email address? That’s called friction. If my friend came up against that, I’d probably end up emailing her the story as a word doc attachment.


I left a (can’t really say polite) message on their profile on Wattpad where the book was and basically said what the hell do you think you are doing plagiarising my book! They said they were sorry and didn’t know it was wrong, and took it down right away.

None of my best work is here now at all, only half finshed unedited stuff that I will eventually take down and sort out.


We need a brave team that focuses only on researching books for plagiarism. I would love to be a part of that group…


We do. There’s a branch of ambassadors doing just that. :blush:




Maybe it was done more in ignorance than in spite. AWFrasier and I had a conversation about plagiarism which made me realize that 99% of us have probably been copycats in our life without realizing it, not with books, but with photos and art or music.
Now that I think about it, using a photo from google and pasting it into a story saying: “this is the main character”, is still plagiarism, and boy haven’t I used plenty of photo’s on my power point shows or school reports without even a source or a credit. Even my profile pic is plagiarism :flushed:

But it’s kinda scary that it has gone this far where people take art or stories and just slap their name on it, without even thinking about it.


Talk about adding insult to injury. Like that makes it ‘ok’?


I was furious, but you get anchors in life unfortunately and that person was one of them.


It really annoys me when people put images in and say that’s their character. It obviously isn’t them. They should just describe them and show the reader with words how they look instead of just slapping a Googled image in the book.


Hundreds, of course. For them I do what many people do, and what I did when i signed up with Wattpad. Used an email address that I created long ago for such occasions. A junk-mail absorber. If, after a while, I find that a site deserves a better email address, I change it.


What I mean is that they could be smart in what they studied, but not always when it comes to other things. If that makes any sense. >.<


Ah! Yes, I see. ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ