Dorrance Publishing


This company is labeled to offer self-publishing services and I was contacted by a publishing consultant. Have you ever heard of this company and are they legit.

Note: They want me to send my manuscript BEFORE sharing the pricing on the packages.

Please answer, thank you.

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Sounds sketch.
Legit businesses will have a basic estimate for number of pages and book size.


Never heard of it, though it doesn’t look bad (and anyways, I’m in Europe, not America, where they are: Dorrance Publishing. I’ve just looked it up, and there seems to have been a scam/whatever in 2012 and 2015, so I don’t know.


yes i agree


I also cannot find a single positive review, only articles about Dorrance Publishing being a scam, and complaints.


So, what I found out in my short research:
Dorrance Publishing is legit. Some authors feel like they have been ripped off, but nobody has the full details. They do not provide their author contract online, which makes things a bit harder as we’re accustomed to being able to get all our information online.
They will also (obviously) own the distribution rights.
Basically, they’re not a scam, but you have to be very thorough, and careful, when working with them, and make sure you get everything black on white.


They’re a notorious vanity press - one of the oldest scammers in the business. Run, don’t walk, in the opposite direction.

You might find this article helpful - it has a good list of the warning signs of a scam:


I just discovered that they have a commercial, but the reviews online are all negative.


Thank you Mr. Pemberton!

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They’re sketchy and untrustworthy.


Why don’t you just self publish?


Businesses advertise to the people who (they think) are their customers - i.e., the people who they want to give them money. If you see a publisher advertising itself to writers…


From the research I am doing, I agree.


Personally, I want too
Financially, I can’t


If you publish with Kindle Direct it doesn’t cost you anything.

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stay away?


I have heard of that. But I just haven’t met anyone that has published with Kindle Direct to ask about the process.


I’m published with them. It’s easy and free. You do have to put in the hard work though with regards to editing your work to perfection, and getting a cover done.


It doesn’t cost anything to put the book on Amazon (or anywhere else). It definitely costs money for editing and a professional cover.

Self publishing is cheap and easy. Self publishing WELL is expensive and hard work.

Guess which one is more likely to make more than a few dollars?


What about the rights and etc