Double Trouble: the chat for when you swing both ways


Guy at the beginning : I do stupid things alright? Sub if you want to see more stupid things from me aye? I just do bunch of stupid stuff like this cuz I’m stuupid so if you wanna see me being stupid sub for this man

Guy: I’m going from England to France by a Zorbe ball! (an air filled Ball that can fit a person into it)

after a fight with the tide and finally reaching

Guy: I just want to go home find the nearest town oh there is something right there


Guy: this doesn’t look like French zooms in at the corner HOland! I am in the neitherlands! Oh God…


6 chapters a day if you are alright t. Being one week later too




god, I’ve been putting off editing


also, thoughts on riverdale???


I went to sleeeeeeep
It is 1pm now XD




How is your day going?


yesterday was the best. I didn’t do any formal work, watched some bad-ass British lady kick ass in my old dvd player and actually had free time to use a bath-bomb and read.
So proud
anyway, what about you?


I got out of school early! Since it is revision week we went out an hour earlier ^^


ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Today I have to do all the revision related things and clean my room. Le sigh. Hopefully I’ll actually get time to write, seeing as I haven’t in three weeks


3 weeks? Months on my side XD

Good luck! And I might try and write later on too


I’ll hold you too that :stuck_out_tongue:


Don’t hold too tight lol


I’m editing! I’m actually doing it! Look at me!!


My arms are aching. Everything hurts. Ow.


Hello everyone. It is I, Shadow the fetus. :winterstars:

@teenagegirlwrites What’s wrong?


I’ve made the terrible decision of trying to get fit. Everything hurts. My body was not built to be pushed like this




exactly. Also, nice Christmas hat