Downloaded Book Feature Automatically Downloads All Books (ERROR)

All the books in my library suddenly switched to downloaded. This is a problem, seeing as I have over 2,200 books in my Wattpad library, and no such mass-undownload feature exists. Currently, the extra data is really bugging down my phone and I hope this glitch can be fixed so I don’t have to individually uninstall 2,200 books.

That sucks, there isn’t a undo button? I don’t really know what to say that hasn’t happened to me before, sorry

No. I didn’t press any button to make it happen, so there isn’t any undo button XD

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Really? Maybe when it finishes loading there’s a way to easily delete it? Maybe a select button that would make the process faster at least XD I wouldn’t have the patience to delete all that and I’d probably have to span it out in the course of a couple of days