Dragon Fantasy


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Dragonriders: Book 1
Owyn Calder has always dreamed of becoming a dragonrider. But only registered children can visit tamed dragons to pass the test. Kids with unknown birthdays have to find wild dragons to form a bond.
Lyria Damos is the opposite. She thinks dragons are stupid and doesn’t want to pass the test. But she has to because her parents, the king and queen, insisted that she become a dragonrider. After all, she came from two long lines of great dragonriders. But none of them get what they wish for. For some reason, a dragon bonds to Lyria and not to Owyn. Because of this, the princess decides to strengthen her bond so that she can help her new friend find a wild dragon to bond with. But they’ll have to cross the whole continent, and who knows what dangers await them….

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Dragon Paladin

Sixteen-year-old Xia lives in a land where dragons rule the world. The Draco, dragons with the ability to change into human form, ask every district of the land to obey the Law or face execution by Draco Fire.

A revolution is stirring as humans, tired of obeying their draconic overlords, lay down an ultimatum to their fellow people: join the rebels or become the enemy.

Xia is torn between fighting for her people and for those she loves. But she needs to choose sides. Fast.


A Wyvern amongst Dragons

A prophecy, a savior, a Golden Dragon and a war that’s been raging for years with no end in sight.

The inhabitants of Cefril all look towards the North where the great battle is taking place. A golden dragon and its rider are the prophesized ones to free the country and their battle is just beginning. But while everyone looks to the North, they forget about the other side of the country.

Every six months the biggest city in the province holds a bonding ceremony. Every six months, young boys and girls from all around come to the city to find their dragon soulmate. When the call for the next ceremony comes, Aleron, a Wyvern decides to join the dragons as he feels an unexplained pull to the city. With a burning desire to join the fight in the North and prove himself worthy he hopes to find his human soulmate with the same desire.

Aleron is a Wyvern amongst Dragons. A lesser species only used as messengers but Aleron has dreams of fighting beside the famed Golden Dragon. Dreams that get crushed the moment he gets rejected by his fated rider.


Once the valleys and forests of Meterik were ruled by mighty Dragon Lords; Northtail the Just, Genmaryen of Glenvale, Menikik Ken the Brewer, and many others. But now they are gone. Decades later, the Meterikite people live under the oppression of the Valley Thieves, the descendants of highwaymen and sellswords, with nothing but stories of dragons and the hope that one day their true lords will return. In one small town, this hope is turned to reality when a traveling bard arrives with a most peculiar tale, one they’ve never heard before. A tale of dragons.

NOTE: Mild violence throughout whole story and one slightly suggestive scene. This is a longer short story and can easily be read in one sitting.


Hi all!
Attempting to get some traffic to my page/writing so please have a look at my newest work, The Legend of Mortan:

“Dragons have plagued the skies of Kymaen for years and Mortan, the Dragonslayer is known throughout the land as the one who comes when they are near. He arrives, kills and leaves; with no requests or demands for payment and one by one, year by year, the dragons that have terrorised Kymaen are systematically killed.
When Mortan discovers a way to get rid of the dragons forever, he sets on a mission to do just that, willing to pay any cost to get it done.
His family were taken and he has no care for his own life, but when a young man named Xander, pledges to fight by his side; Mortan must become responsible for a life other than his own and whatever that connection will mean for his uncertain future.”

This is prequel to The Antonides Legacy trilogy on my page so do check that out if you wish.
Thanks! x


Nancy Smith was orphaned when she was just a week old. She was left at a fire station in a basket with no note or anything. She was later taken into social services custody and was brought to an orphanage, where she was later adopted by the people she knows now as mum and dad.

Eighteen years later and Nancy is living her best life. She has just finished college and is making plans to travel around the world with her archery team. But what happens when that plan doesn’t happen? What happens when she is taken from her home? What happens when she wakes up and finds herself in a mystical world? A world with dragons?

Read on to find out what happens when Nancy comes face to face with the people that left her at that fire station.

Status: Ongoing…
Link: https://www.wattpad.com/story/201242756-a-world-with-dragons


To wizards and mind readers, shapeshifters are disposable. The only way to prove that a shapeshifter is worth more than the dirt on their shoes is to become a dragon rider. Ella plans to do just that.

When a stubborn, bad-tempered dragon picks her out of all the young hopefuls at the Choosing Ceremony, her plans go south. She learns an earth-shattering secret about her heritage, and she’s trapped at the Dragon Rider Academy, surrounded by potential enemies.

She must learn to control illegal fire powers and get along with her dragon if she’s going to survive the Academy. And if she manages that, she might have a chance at surviving a mission that could determine the fate of the world as she knows it.


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