Dragon Riding is Demeaning and Should Be Banned!

Expecting a dragon to carry you about, simply because it has wings and can carry you, is like approaching another ethnicity on the street and expecting them to carry your bags because their culture is more accustomed to labor or their body is more fit for heavy lifting than yours.

And while some dragons are occasionally manipulated and exploited into fulfilling such roles for the profit of man, it is demeaning and diminishes the race as a whole to that of intelligent beasts of burden, and so should be banned to end the further wholesale association of dragons as horses with wings.


This is amusing to me. I’m sorry.


I feel like you’re generalizing a lot here. Also…Dragons don’t exist.


So you’re saying we need fantasy PETA?


That’s just as bad! That’s labeling them as animals who need to be rescued by humans. They’re people. You don’t call PETA for people!

So you’re saying we need a fantasy civil-rights movement?


Just got to say, I love this response! :joy:


Yes! #RiseUpForDragons

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But riding dragons is so cool tho… Also, has anyone ever read the Eragon books? In those stories, it was more of a partnership between the rider and the dragon than the dragon being subservient to the rider.


Are these dragons vegan?

Hey it’s not so bad in comparison to Pokémon. Where smaller animals beat the crap outta smaller animals to murder larger ones :dog2:

It’s just Fantasy :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If I recall correctly, that delightful partnership was the result of a dragon / elf war where the elves were on the verge of wiping out the dragon species unless they agreed to bond (aka: sell themselves) to the humanoid races, so that the humanoid races could “enlighten” dragons. But I read that a long time ago, so I might be wrong.

This seems like a good book idea

There was a war between the elves and the dragons but neither were on the verge of wiping each other out. After an elf named Eragon found an abandoned dragon egg and raised it, the two mediated an end to the war and a spiritual pact between the races was established in order to ensure peace.

Overall, it wasn’t that bad of a beginning for the Dragon Riders.

Not to be racist or anything, but dragons aren’t very friendly towards humans either, so yeah, fuck those scaled little thumbless bitches :eyes:


Actually, Pokemon never bothered me. I always thought of it as most Pokemon want to be the Pokemon equivalent of the heavy weight champion of the world. Basically Dragonball Z with creatures.

Point is, both of these have their negativity to them. As well as being made a Fantasy and nothing more. Monster Hunter Stories is an example where they showed the two divisions between differences. Once who bonds with dragons, the other that hunts them.

Eventually as the story goes along, it is shown that the artifact the player has is not needed, since the dragon chose to remain. It also showed that the monsters will be disobedient and ignore the person if they continuously try to give it commands. Hence the trust gauge in the battle system. Giving too many commands will put you at a disadvantage.

Point of it all, some stories focuses on bonds, others focuses on antagonizing. There is no right, nor is there a wrong in this. Pokémon focuses on a person trying to be the best(which they fail pretty bad at it). However, in the earlier episodes Pokémon’s used to fight to the death. Later episodes they really toned down the brutality of it all.

Depends how you look at it is all.

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but wait a second.

Yes, in some stories, creatures have personality and stuff. However, there is SOME authors whom make dragons completely lizard like and without intellect at all. I would say riding the non-intellect ones would be okay. Would you really disallow riding horses even though we bred them for that?

When they are intellectual or actually knowledgeable or tend to be used for war, that’s where I draw the line. either ask the dragon for permission, or promote dragon safety and not dragon battle.

I tend to believe Pokémon is abusive no matter what Ash says tbh. all those cutie bois have intelligence.

And the peace treaty only allows dragons to hatch if they have a rider, whereas elves and others continue to live just like they did before. The arrangement is portrayed as something positive in the book and Paolini probably thinks of it exactly like he portrayed it. However, it reads more like a case of ‘history is written by the winners’.

Actually I’m pretty sure that before Galbatorix wiped them out, there were wild dragons who had eggs that hatched naturally without riders. They would give an egg to the riders as a symbol of peace and that egg would then have a spell put on it to hatch in the presence of its rider.
Given the hatchlings were unharmed durning possible centuries in their egg, as seen with the ones Eragon found hidden on the island Vroengard.

Yeah, maybe it doesn’t solve the ‘you’re still forcing dragons to transport you’ but I really see it as the dragon still has a say in the relationship and could totally refuse to be ridden if they didn’t have a good relationship with their rider. And Saphira even blocks Eragon from her mind at certain points when they argue.
The real issue that I found strange was the ‘if the rider dies then so does the dragon’ while the rider can live on if the dragon dies. However, I feel this might be due to the deep connection bonding with a rider does to the dragon. Grief completely overwhelms them (similar to how people and animals can die of grief if a mate/ significant other dies). The rider on the other hand just doesn’t experience that sort of connection- perhaps due to it being the dragon choosing the rider and the rider only being able to accept the dragon who hatched for them.


(quote from a wikia article I think helps back up the fact there are eggs who don’t need riders to hatch)
"…decided to hide away 136 Eldunarí and around 243 dragon eggs, 26 of which were saved for the new generation of Dragon Riders "