Dragonlore troubles, help wanted!

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

The dragons in an unpublished work of mine claim that they have descended from a nature goddess , a feathered serpent based on Quetzalcoatl. Each type of dragon harnesses an elemental power out of Sky, Water, Fire, Earth and Space as a result (the fire dragons breathe fire and were hatched from eggs laid in magma, the water dragons can breath water being hatched from oceans etc.)

My protagonist is a cloud dragon, who can breath ice and can therefore create clouds. Should I group cloud dragons with air dragons as Sky elementals (because snow) or as Water elementals (because of icebergs, polar ice etc)? :sweat_smile:

  • Sky elemental
  • Water elemental
  • Other type (if so, do comment why)

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Oh! That seems really interesting. Maybe put up a poll?

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Ah, thank you for the suggestion! :smile:

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Space and sky is the same, isn’t it? And Sky is more like wind, maybe? And snow and ice is water.

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I’ve assigned Celestial dragons (who can bend space or create pocket dimensions, create portals etc) to the Space type.

Sky is an extension of space; perhaps I should group them together. Thank you for your help! :smile:

I would suggest you have cloud dragons be part of the sky, because 1) all water eventually passes through the sky via the water cycle and 2) clouds are in the sky.
I hope this helps, good luck!

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You mean they spit at people like an elephant in cartoons?

Interesting questions. Traditionally, clouds and weather have to do with air elementals, but breathing ice is more in theme with water elementals. The science backs both too. Clouds are really water in the air, but you can’t have clouds without air pressure.

So my vote is neither. Make cloud dragons a hybrid of air and water instead of just one. Similar to magma/lava elementals.

Your aether dragons sound like the most interesting right now. I’m trying to picture them. What do they look like? Do they have a breathe weapon?

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Well, not exactly, they don’t spit gallons like the Pokémon using Hydro cannon. :smile:
They breathe water, just like fish do.

The aether dragons (thank you for the term) look like sea dragons. And they use their flipper-like appendages to manipulate space. :nerd_face:

They’re dragons who can manipulate elements, and their type denotes the domain fron which they were created.

That’s quite an interesting idea, thank you! :smiley:

Cool. Don’t thank me; Aristotle added that one.