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Because it was inevitable…

So… best and worst dragons? Best and worst books about dragons? Best visualizations of dragons? Best and worst dragon tropes?

You know how it goes. :dragon:

New here. Any dragon fans?

one word: Eragon. That series got me into high fantasy, and damn it, I’m pretty sure it also made me obsessed with dragons. But it also introduced me into the dragon riders trope. There are a surprising amount of books about this topic, but I haven’t been able to find a dragon rider book I like, besides Eragon.

The Age of Fire series was an okay dragon series. It was from the pov of three dragon siblings, but I liked the idea more than the actual book. Kinda disappointing…

What about you? Any reccomendations?


I didn’t read Eragon until lately, but it is better than it is often given credit for.

Dragon-rider books do seem to be in short supply. Published ones in any case. I’ve found quite a few kindle/self pub ones, but I need an audio book to get any reading done these days and most of those don’t have one. I’ve always wanted to try writing one.

I loved Age of Fire years ago. I’ve been trying to reread it so I can finally finish it, never read the final book, and I’m still enjoying it, but something feels off this time.

Rain Wilds Series was pretty good, but it spent too much time on the human relationships (which I didn’t really care about). So I stopped before there was any dragon riding, but I really liked those dragons when they were present. Scheming and manipulative.

My favorite is the Temeraire Series, which many people are conflicted on. It’s historical fantasy, earlier 1800’s with dragons. Most like/love the first book, but are far more conflicted on the 8 sequels. Many never finish them, but I pretty much love every book.

Nice Dragons Finish Last (and its sequels) are pretty good, but you have to like anime to enjoy it. No dragon riding. Teenage dragon and mage go on adventures and fight monsters in a futuristic fantasy Earth. Main flaw is dragons spend most of their time as humans, which is a trope I don’t like.

Wings of Fire is a fun series for younger readers. I like to say if Age of Fire was Lord of the Rings from a dragon POV, Wings of Fire is the Hobbit from a dragon POV.


Greame Base’s Discovery of Dragon will always be the best to me.


Eragon was a shit film that should’ve never happened.

Best dragons include; Spyro, Draco (Dragon Heart), Smaug.

There was this one Danish book about Dragon riders living away on a military base set in the middle ages. It was so good. The rider could talk to the dragon they bonded with. Loved that, growing up.

Julie Kagawa wrote a pretty good series about dragon shifters in Talon.

We need more dragons. Always.


Smaug and Spyro! Ah, how the hell did I miss those two?
My twin brother introduced me to the Hobbit movies when he came back from the army, after I bought him all the Hobbit books. I wouldn’t let him sleep until we finished all the movies. Smaug was visually really cool, and I always love the classic trope of dragon and treasure trove


I have a lot of mixed feelings about dragons.


There does seem to be a lack of interesting lady dragons in popular media. Book Saphira was probably a better character than Movie Saphira, but I can’t really separate them in my mind.

I mean there’s… Cynder, Dragon from Shrek, probably some in Skyrim. Never really noticed. I am told there are lady dragons in Tolkien, but all the big names are male.

While on the male side you have those mentioned (Draco,etc) and Toothless, Haku, the one in the Merlin TV series, Jake Long, Drogon (Game of Thrones)

Oh, there are the Warcraft dragons who have a few memorable females: Alexstrasza, Ysera, Chromie, Sinestra, Onyxia, and others I can’t begin to spell.

Books are generally pretty gender balanced though.


Oh the MC in J. Kagawa’s series I mentioned above is female :smile: and there’s some other female minor characters who kick ass too. If you’re into YA Urban Fantasy, then I can definitely recommend that series. Has some really good battle scenes.

Also, I loved the dragon from Shrek :heart:

Don’t know Saphira? Where’s she from?


The Hobbit Movies were the best dragon at the time, and they still do the best talking and thinking dragon, but I think Game of Thrones has done the best visualization of dragons to date.

Though apparently, six limb-ed dragons are dead.


And for the record, I liked Saphira’s movie design with the feathers. You don’t want your dragons to look like everyone elses. I approached my dragons with the intention of having fan art standing out from the countless other dragon images.

(They made a mistake by making it so easy to post images. I am totally going to abuse/overuse this feature. The damn coding was a harbor to my insanity.)


Ooohh! I only watched the Eragon film once and never got around to reading any of the books. Are they good? I hear really good things about them.

(Also yes. Seriously, cover threads have never been easier! I love this feature the most!)


movie was an abortion. God, what a let down it was. Books were written by a teenager, (I think he started at fifteen until he was nineteen?) and feel stilted now that I re-read them, but there’s a ton of passion and thoughtfullness. They are worth a read, though. Lots of interesting ideas and settings.




I saw the movie and skipped to book 2 and have only recently given book one a read. The main difference for me was: while the dragon/human interactions were terrible and sterile in the movie (aside from one scene), they were the best part of the book. The writing was adequate. It wasn’t so much the author’s fault, but I just generally want to strangle ignorant teenage farm boys. Rand and Matt from Wheel of Time were other characters I wanted to strangle.

(That’s why I love Temeraire. It’s an Eragon style plot, but the MC is a 25-ish military guy who doesn’t make terrible plans or ask stupid questions. He would probably have Eragon shot for insubordination.)

Anyway, Eragon isn’t deep or complicated, but it is charming like Harry Potter.


In the book, the scenes with baby Saphira were more entertaining than any in the movie. (Not really the director’s fault, I’ve decided they would need to remove Brom altogether to have had a good movie.) Paolini thought of lots of details I figured he would gloss over in the name of fun. Like how Eragon is shredded by Saphira’s the first time they fly. Or how Saphira’s voice is genderless because it’s telepathic, though it did make the audiobook hard to listen to.

Most new dragons in movies have two legs and two wings. (Smaug and Drogon) While older dragons, Saphira and Draco, have four legs and two wings. Toothless is the main exception I can think of.


Have never heard of it. Will put it on my list.

That seems to be the general opinion. Aside from Game of Thrones, most books with dragons seem reserved for younger readers. Modern popular authors seem to be avoiding them, as if they make you look amateurish.


I’m Dragon my heels in finding a decent book with them.


Well like my first experience with Dragons is actually a godzilla clone, set in a stereotype of medieval English history, with a plot the really dragged in the middle. <= No pun intended.

It had a prince I couldn’t give a crap about, rescuing a girl from being beheaded I didn’t gave a crap about, rebelling against a Dark Knight I didn’t care about.

But the North Korean movie it was remade from is considerably better.

Somehow Galgameth thought it was a great idea to give Inki a gender change, and make them a teenage girl instead.

I’m sure there are a lot better Dragon movies, but it really influenced my ideas about subverting B movie level Heroic Fantasy, in LitRPGs.


If anyone wants to give Temeraire by Naomi Novik (aka: His Majesty’s Dragon in the USA) a try, I helped someone put this animatic together for it. They did the art, I just added the audiobook and started to color it. (If these forums actually support videos)

There are a few pages before this, but all you need to know is the MC is the captain of a British ship in 1801 or so and doesn’t want anything to do with the dragon egg they stole from the French, which is apparently going to hatch long before they can reach shore. So his crew raffled the responsibility of taming the dragon onto one of their number.