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All of you should run and read Seraphina.


I really disliked that anime for some reason. I couldn’t watch the last few episodes. :confused:


Now this one was better, but animation needs some work in season 2. The Dragon Prince on Netflix.




Igneel from Fairy Tail and try Dragonheart


Also from Fairy Tail. These people are dragonslayers, raised by dragons. From Left to right:
Cobra, Laxus, Gajeel, Natsu, Wendy, Sting, Rogue. The Dragon in the back is Acnologia.


I love the talon series! She recently came out with a new one and I cant wait to read it!


I read a review where the person said they don’t like it when dragons speak with their mouth, that it is more believable when they use telepathy, and I just wanted to bash my head against the desk. I get that people like the idea of a personal and intimate mental connection between them and their mythical pet/friend, but telepathy doesn’t make sense.

It makes far more sense that a dragon would have a complex throat that allowed it to speak rather than the dragon is somehow shooting thoughts into your isolated human brain. I am pretty sure evolution would be very against allowing a main predator to screw with your brain from a distance and would alter human biology to counter that, not encourage it.

I have telepathy in my story, but only dragons can use it because their brains are designed for it. Humans can not. The same way I can’t stare at a router and connect my brain to the internet.

I suppose you could say that humans in contact with dragons often contract some sort of parasite or “disease” that allows some form of telepathy, but that has never been the case in my experience.

To clarify, I don’t have a problem with telepathy in dragon stories, but it isn’t more realistic when compared to speech.


I do support telepathy between dragons, though probably many are to proud to use such. But they certainly have their own languages and ways to communicate, beyond what we could see.

The thing is that it probably would never go down as low as human thinking. After all why would a proud species like a dragon send messages in easily human understandable information. Makes little sense right.

Dragons are magical beings of course, so might have OTHER ways to get things done.


I have a problem with dragons being able to speak, especially if you have a fire-breathing dragon. The mechanism producing the fire would almost certainly have to lie in the throat/mouth of the dragon. I have difficulty thinking of how the process of producing a roaring blast of flame could also accommodate the delicate tissues and fine muscle control necessary to produce speech.


Hmm. What if they used their nose for one. Probably not speech…but fire perhaps. :sneezing_face:

EDIT: Would be more focused, like a blow torch, than their mouth.

I did forget to point out that I was talking about non-magical dragons. Claiming there was some magical bond would have broken the world.


A good dragon is a dead dragon- devoured


I’ve heard good things about Talon, but haven’t read it myself.


But think about this

Which one?




I have to say Draco from Dragonheart is still one of my favorite Dragons in a movie. Although some of the Dragon names and lore from Warcraft are much better designed.


Sapphira is mine. She and Brom are about the only things the Eragon movie did that I was satisfied with.


Bats and giraffes, definitely


Thank you. No one here knows Warcraft. They do have nice names that have a nice balance of alien but readable. Don’t think Chromie’s name is a mistake like Blizzard claims.


Bat is best.