🐲 Dragons 🐉



I think the cat one is adorable tho, but the bat and giraffe one could be more likely


Honestly: I have yet to come across a story about dragons, that I like. Most of the time they seem to OP for my taste.

The only dragons that I ever really liked where the dragons in Shadowrun and that is mostly because they are unpredictable and … Kinda really bad, but not completely.


Well, I find humans are too over-powered for my tastes, so there. :smirk:


The first book with dragon that I read is Eragon. It has been years now. I enjoy reading it and I was around 12 I think. Though, the last book is a bit of a bummer. Lol.


My old enemy.

Okay, I don’t have anything against Eragon. Can’t seem to finish it, but that’s a different problem.

But people seem to expect Smaug or Saphira when it comes to dragons, which makes my life very hard.


I can recommend a couple


Anyone have any ideas for polls?


I don’t mind the books, but every book except for Eldest is difficult for me to read.

The movie on the other hand? The only things they got right were the dragon designs and Brom.

Oh and CP is releasing an Eragon short at the end of the year, which will have Eragon in it.



If you were a dragon would you (1) eat people with ketchup or (2) spare them and challenge them to a game of chess? XD


Do you Prefer the Dragon as:

  • The Bad Guy (Smaug)
  • The Sidekick (Saphira / Draco)
  • The Main Character (AuRon)
  • The Mentor or Some Other Independent Side Character
  • The Adorable Pet (Errol)

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Do You Prefer 4 Limbs, 6 Limbs, or No Wings?

  • 2 Legs and 2 Wings (Movie Smaug)
  • 4 Legs and 2 Wings (Toothless / Saphira)
  • No Wings (Haku)

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You know, I recently read that ‘dragons’ with two legs and wings aren’t actual dragons but something called wyverns.
Real (western) dragons apparently always have four legs plus wings.


That’s not all, ‘dragons’ without wings are called Drakes


I defy your list, tyrant! :fist:

Drakes are male dragons and Luck Dragons are radioactive poodles.


Tyrant? ouch that hurts :joy:
It was just a post I came across on pinterest when looking for inspiration. I went to research the term ‘Drake’ and it seems there are several explanations for them, some refer to them as a smaller, less inteligent and without magic versions of true dragons and other claim they don’t have wings. So I don’t really know. I think it would be fun to use the word ‘Drake’ for the juvenile stadium of dragons, so give them four legs and no wings yet, like tadpoles (?) in the life cycle in frogs


What? I’m going to assume “state”. If so, Age of Fire did that, which I adopted.

Drakes are wingless young males, Dragons are adult males with wings, Dragonelles (?) are adult females with wings. And I think Draka were young females without wings.

Actually, I just use Draka and Drake for dragons of any age. Their ranking system makes anything more unnecessary.


And here I thought to have an orginal idea…




Yep, they get their wings at dragon puberty, age 20, I think. Their wings grow inside enlarging pouches on their backs. When their wings get too big, the pouch breaks.


I’m considering different angles for a dragon rider “society”. A while ago, I mentioned an LitRPG story I was considering. Where Joe nobody is the first person to get a flying mount in the VR game he’s playing and how he takes advantage of that. So I thought it would be neat for him to do something I’ve yet to read in a story and actually found a guild for “dragon-riders” because I really enjoy stories where instead of just joining some existing organization, the character starts a school of magic or merchant guild or something like that.

So that has me wondering about the roles and ethics of existing dragon-riders.

Does anyone have anything to say on the subject??


Dragons truly at the heart of fantasy. They are the ultimate monster. But I have a couple of questions about the core dragon archetype…

Why do they hoard gold? They don’t seem to spend it in stories.

Are the best dragons instinct driven beasts that destroy purely to be able to feed and survive (e.g. Rein of Fire movie); or are they intelligent creatures that manipulate the world around them to achieve their desires (e.g. Smaug)?