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Not all dragons are monsters.



Indeed, not all dragons are monsters in contemporary fantasy. But what I mean is that the core Western and Middle-eastern dragon archetypes are monstrous. We know that Eastern dragon legends have them being benevolent. From an origin of fantasy point of view they are the ultimate monster.


So I just took a look at the dragons tag on Wattpad.

Why the heck are there werewolf books with the dragons tag?! :angry::angry::angry::angry:

Not only werewolf books, but plenty of others as well.


And I’m just giving you a hard time about the monster part, lol XD


Because there are dragon-shifters in many of those too.


Ah. But there’s nothing in the summary, the reason for the confusion.


Neither. Both died. The adorable ones have a much higher life expectancy. They don’t tend to be slain.


We’ve discussed in somewhere in those 225 posts, but here are some explanations.

In Age of Fire, Dragons eat it to make their metallic scales.

I always assumed Smaug just enjoyed depriving humanoids of comfort and wealth. Not that it really works that way.

I have one that planned to use his hoard to rescue Germany from its post-WWI economic collapse, buying his way into the government.

Another one I wrote just saw it as a way to manipulate humans into doing his bidding. Bribery was easier than threatening. Especially considering how small he was.

I read a cute short story that said dragons make a nest out of whatever they find, but everything else burns.

Oh, and I had another kind of dragon that stored their memories in precious metals, making gold a sort of hard drive for them.

And here are a few comics on the subject.


Ha ha! So true.


I got the Rifftrax for Eragon some time ago. Keeping meaning to give it a listen.

On another topic, any other Spyro fans wonder where all the lady dragons are?


LOVE the GOT dragons


me too


George RR Martin apparently made his 4 limbed to be anatomically correct I think? I mean, what flying animal (other than insects) have 6 limbs?


Pegasus :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, but I need my dragons to be able to do things. They can’t with giant wings hanging off their forelimbs.


I mean in the real world


but I agree, that is why I have dragons and dragon like creatures.

There are my dragons, four legs, two wings.
Drakes, four legs no wings? I can’t remember and I can’t go back and look.
Wyvern have sometimes 4 wings two legs or two legs, to wings, that I also have to check again


I do have different breeds of dragons, like that.

N. American Dragons: Are like frogs.They start off with four legs and no wings and generally get wings when they hit maturity.

European Dragons can have 4 legs and wings or two legs and wings.

Russian Dragons are massive lizards. And Asian Dragons are what you’d expect.


I will be having these dragon like Divines/deities way WAY in the future of my Legend Series called the Zemoras Mai (random name that came to mind when walking home) and they are like the pillars that hold the entire universe up, everything in existence and are just as old as the universe, perhaps older

The Zemora Mai look kinda like Asian dragons, also there are two of these beings, twins and sisters


Same here.

Fell in love with the series then the movie came along. :confused: You know it’s bad when CP roasts them in a subreddit that asked what was the most disappointing movie that you’ve ever watched? XD

I took a screenshot which I’ll post later.


I’m gradually working toward a story with just dragons as the main characters, along with some humans possibly, but have yet to decide. Main character will probably be Fjoard (which was inspired by something I saw about Iceland, so there’s that name origin.