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Why do you think dragons became… cute?

What is it about a giant reptile with giant claws and teeth that breaths fire that says: hug me.




Maybe you should have it be tiny, x-small, small, medium, etc to balance it a bit.


In my book The Legend of the Moonflower Princess, Sahara, my main heroine, befriends a little dragon named Shen who becomes her first traveling companion. He’s no bigger than the average person’s hand, and he rides around on her shoulder throughout the book because he’s so little :smile:


I made this size comparison using a person from a size comparison chart, then cutting out a woman and matching her with the size of the person, so this is a size comparison with a person of 5’6" to the dragon in my one series at 1,000 years old, and then the second one is her at 4,000 years old (not saying this is accurate, just a general feel I guess of how huge she would be) in the second one, you can’t even see the person in the comparison (she is still next to the first dragon in that second photo)


Wow I love this :heart_eyes:


I agree here.

Luckily my characters with the dragons aren’t human and already are telepathic in their own species. The dragons can speak telepathically, or with their mouths, but only telepathically if they manage to reach out and form a link with the other mind and vice versa. Shapeshifters can communicate with creatures that aren’t telepathic because when say, a human is hearing a Shapeshifter in their thoughts, that Shapeshifter has forced their way into their mind, so they then can have the person think what they mean or want to say and they can understand. This however is not two way, meaning a non telepathic creature can’t use telepathy, just their thoughts and hope whoever forced their way into their head can understand.

I think speaking dragons are awesome, and not very common though.


Makes sense to me, I think this is awesome!


Thank you! I’m overly proud of it. Magical telepathy is fine, but these are Earth dragons with no magic, so I had to find a way to explain telepathy… with science! It started out as “they have radios in their brain” but that came with problems and solving those problems made it more interesting, which made the dragons more interesting.


What Size are your Dragons?

  • Tiny
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Great
  • Massive
  • Epic
  • Colossal
  • Cosmic

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I love HelloFutureMe!


I’m sold if it can be robot dragons.


depends on age and what dragon


Eragon! XD


The main dragon on my story is only the size of the average hand, and he rides around on the shoulder of my main heroine. His name is Shen :smile:


I could be a rare oddity with dragon size. Against popular assumption I have tried to make dragons diverse. Some dragons are cat sized while others the size of a mountain. Depends on the type and environment like any other creature.



I have made a Reddit for writing dragons, where I will probably be defaulting to for these discussions: