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oh my goodness, you’re bringing back so many different memories. I loved Saphira and Eragon’s relationship, I wish the book had spent more time on that, over Eragon’s family suddenly popping out from every nook and cranny.

I also remember that the fortune teller and her cat were basically a parody of Paolini’s sister, and I always really appreciated how well he handled her character (even if the last part of the omen, that Eragon would never return back home, has a really unsatisfying ending). It was obvious how much he cared for the world he created.


Many dragon movies are terrible. George RR Martin claims Dragon Slayer, an old movie with a stop motion(?) dragon, is the best dragon movie. I haven’t seen it.

This does remind me that I’ve been sitting on some silly LitRPG idea of an Eragon style, where a new player of VR fantasy game loots a dragon mount off a boar (one of the 0.00001% chance drops) and how he/she uses it to make it virtual living.

We need a LitRPG thread.


Do it, it will be amazing. I wish I could add more, but I’m not sure if you’re like me, but sometimes brainstorming with others makes me freeze.

I hope you can have a go of it though.


I call for a LitRPG thread!!! Lead us, LonestarDragon!


Already made as well.


It’s mainly a picture book so there’s not much reading commitment (though IIRC some of the comments are fun) and excellent, creative, dragon design of all sorts.

There’s a nice bit of a preview here:


Any dragon + writing related thoughts?

Go ahead. I’m a frustrating combination of dependent on others for brainstorming while being entirely suspicious of their ideas.


Sort of, how I use dragons is often different from traditional fantasy, as I always tend to have high technology class with natural predators like dragons.

For the dragon, breathing fire is as natural as a bear using claws. One could call it magic, or one could say “this giant lizard carries a giant pouch of gasoline in a pouch on their body, an when they light their insides, they breath out hot gas.”

I’ve always hated the stereotype of Dragons == Magic. And it’s usually the more “rational” people that are that creatively lazy.

Often I might have Dragons have a certain wildlife preserve in deserts, like wolves for forests.

I guess its just easier for noisy negativists to say “Dragons don’t exist”, then came out with something creative and believable like “Here is why the dragons are able to breath fire, it involves … chemistry!”


I’ve gone both ways. I’ve had demigod dragons who can shape-shift and see the future and turn into fire and I’ve have real world dragons that are intelligent creatures with bizarre biology.

As for books I’ve read, Age of Fire and Temeraire tried to be scientific. Well, as far as very flexible physics are scientific in Temeraire where you have ten ton creatures flapping about, but she does use the idea of sacks of hydrogen in their chest to make it slightly more believable. Age of Fire really went out of its way and came up with some ideas that I adopted. That dragons have a fire bladder of fatty oils that they collect from food (I forget how they ignite it) and that they hoard treasure because they digest it to make their semi-metallic scales and the dragons have to burn “herbs” so males can interact with other males without being driven to kill each other.

Then you have Eragon with lots of magic and Rain Wilds where dragons are semi magical and can gain another dragons memories by eating their corpse, but seem pretty limited after that.


Science. they’re trying to make it more scientifically plausible. Because of the evolutionary stance. 4-limbed dragons COULD have existed under the right conditions.


Yu-Gi-Oh :joy:


Yup, my Draggies are bird thingies. And Phoenixes are a sub-species of Dragon. Phoenix Dragons.

They’re the most prestigious animals in my AT series, pretty much all other animals are subservient to them. And they speak with telepathy - coz they gots magic too.


Science Baby!


Not buying that one, sorry. Game of Thrones has moving skeletons. Not scientific. And Peter Jackson showed footage of a six-limbed Smaug, but they changed it because he didn’t fit in the camera very well.

Also, those are two extra limbs you have to pay animators to animate. So six limbs cost 33% more to animate than 4 limbs.


I meant generally, the industry has approached that direction because they were introduced to it by science recently(not very recent either).

Know about those angry Jurrassic Park fans that screech and cause trouble when they are told T-Rex had feathers - thus feathers are gonna be added? The Science is kicking in, it’s like that. But I don’t think there are any angry 6 Limbed Dragon fans lol

Science introduced the concept and then they picked it up for whatever additional reasons.


I love the cute wittle dragons. :3


I guessed this was you when I saw the post lol! But yeah, dragons are awesome.


Eragon was nice, though I felt the second book was like, too dark.

I didn’t like the second book much.

But I liked the first.


And don’t forget the movie that no one wants to remember.

Hopefully Disney remakes it now they have the rights.


I don’t think Fox/Disney has the rights. They tend to expire after a few years or once the movie is finished.

And I shudder at the thought of Disney touching anything I like. Amazon or Netflix I could get behind though.

Plus, Disney just did Pete’s Dragon, which is the public domain version of Eragon. It wasn’t an accident they pushed that out right when How to Train Your Dragon was doing so well.