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CP has expressed a lot of interest in a remake by Disney though.



Not really their style though.


Not sure if the internet let me post normally on my older laptop.

Anyway: My main issue with dragons as pets, is it seems to be always assumed your pet dragon will go along with whatever misogynistic rescue arc the MC has in mind.

Whether t’s a dragon eating metal, or whatever. If it can eat metal, why isn’t it eating the metal off the plate armor of this hero twerp?


“I’m the Rider, and I say we go!” is certainly the first thing that comes to mind. Eragon really needed a time-out in that scene. Maybe a spanking. Parental discipline was certainly lacking.

Dragons without agency are kind of depressing. That wasn’t as much a problem in the books from what I remember, but Saphira did get left in a tree pretty often (or something of that sort) while the humans had adventures.

v This needed to happen a bit more often.


Yea I wasn’t going to ay Eragon, as I think I only ever saw the movie. I try to avoid judgng things before I read the book (Hunger Game was kind of the exception.)

Ah so them not having agency is the issue?

I’m not really sure what else you’d call it though. I avoided fantasy for … years and years, because I just assumed dragons without agency was the norm.

Obviously it isn’t the norm, and that’s good.

Yea! And maybe a good hero butt roasting too.

Of course I was a real beast lover growing up as well, just never bothered to write a book with it, as at the time I was preoccupied by studying True Crime.


The thngs I liked in fantasy usually didn’t involve kingdoms at all: generally you could set it in World War II … Japan, and the plot would be the same: collecting mcguffins that great certain powers.

I think Dragonball Z took this way into the extreme though.

I prefer the fragments a result of something post apocalyptic, and uniting them used to restore balance between the elements, or some other plot device.

How Dragons would fit around that, not sure.


That scene was bizarre. I mean, it succeeded at putting Brom’s death entirely at Eragon’s feet. But at the cost of showing Saphira to be his slave. If something like that was in the book, there were at least enough kinder moments to help smooth it out. But in the movie it was one of their only real interactions that wasn’t info dumping.

However, I don’t really have the “dragon pet trope” knowledge to say it doesn’t happen that often.

In Age of Fire and Warcraft, dragon riders are generally portrayed as the bad guys. In Age of Fire the male dragons raised in captivity are generally neutered to keep them docile and raised to depend on humans, while the females were kept as breeding stock and locked underground.

In Warcraft, the main case of dragons carrying people are when their captured mother is tortured for their disobedience or they are otherwise forced into submission. There are exceptions later on, but those are the first examples we are shown. So at least their agency was taken, while movie Saphira just sort of did what she was told.

And Temeraire is all about dragons gaining agency and rights for themselves.


So where do things like eating metal come from? Or was that just some BS Adventures Of Galgameth made up?

I’ve been meaning to finish the Dragon Riders Of Pern books, I know one of her side novels was good. I’m hoping since the MC is female, maybe there wont be some shining armor BS hijinks.

Although the drawng of the girl, made her look unintentonally like a girl I knew in high school. Which is fine, but I’d rather not think of her in that way. (Potentially a dragon dependant loafer.)

I’m not really down on fantasy, so much as Hollywood fantasy. I realize a lot of it is my problem, I just hope future works don’t end up like my one fantasy bungaloo. (Looking back on it, I was working through a lot of issues.XD)

And yes, I’m aware I’m judgng a MC by a drawing in a book. Used to graphic novels.


I stole it from Age of Fire in which dragons ate softer metals like gold/silver/etc to make their scales stronger than bone. But that’s the only case I know of.

But AoF is newer than Adventures Of Galgameth, so I have no idea where they got it from.


Ahah, so maybe that’s where Michael Angeli got it from then. DIdn’t he also direct this one Space Opera that ended up driving one of his actors insane?

Which is weird, as his scifi looks interesting. It was his “adaptation / borrowing of Godzlla / remake” that kind of turned me off dragons.


I will admit I have no idea what you’re talking about but Battlestar Galactica seems to be the space opera you’re referring to. Couldn’t find any reference to any Godzilla type things.

I tried Pern #1, liked some parts but it felt so dated.


Oh that’s a reference to the movie Adventures Of Galgameth.


There’s an episode in Dragons: Race to the Edge where they encounter a dragon who eats metal. It’s on Netflix if you have an account.


I don’t but parents do. (Yes my relationship with them is complicated.:P)


Is there an explanation?


I don’t think so unfortunately.


He wanted plenty of iron in his diet.


It does seem people treat dragons in fantasy like they treat artificial intelligence in scifi. They’re either “good guys” because they’re kept on a leash and only allowed to do what humans permit or are scary and dangerous things that we can’t trust and will certainly kill us all as soon as they can act without human interference.


I love stories where creatures (dragons or otherwise) who are often seen as brutish or uncultured, have a unique and interesting civilization. The more different the society is from human normalcy (ex. Dragons maybe using the classic treasure trope, and exchanging certain gems with certain values, instead of regular money) the more I recall the dragons out of all the other species.

Little details like that are always fun to read.



On the topic of hoarding gold, its one of those tropes that modern authors don’t really seem to know what to do with.

As I said, AoF dragon hoard it so they can eat it.

But dragons in Temeraire just like collecting shiny things.

It tends to be the first trope to go. Especially since it would be hard for pet dragons to accumulate a pile of gold on the road.

I have some dragons that store their memories in gold. Since they live for centuries in some cases, it allows them to have a perfect memory of those years or access the memories of dead dragons. It also causes them to go insane when their gold is stolen, which leaves huge gaps in their minds and identies. In the protag dragon’s case, the backlash sends him tumbling back to his adolescence. Leaving his partner to slowly put him back together without revealing too much. I miss that story.