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memory gold, lol.

I love that idea, definitely keep it in your safe.


I’m also playing with another idea, one for a short story, I suppose. I clearly based my LSD dragons off bees and I’ve already used the idea of “domesticated” dragons where the queen is controlled by the military / government and so her colony submits to human control to keep her safe.

But then I started thinking about dragon-keeping as a civilian hobby, like bee keeping. About how all they’d really have to do is afflict the dragon colony or just the queen, with a drug addiction so she becomes dependent on humans for supplying the drug. But instead of honey, the dragons would supply the humans with precious stones and metals. Not sure what the plot would be, aside from watching as the dragons slip the leash without the humans noticing, but I like the idea. Pro-human could be interesting too.


could be a two-sided perspective too. I could see both good and manipulative characters on both sides (human and bee dragon)


There’s a series by an Italian writer named Licia Troisi. I’ve read the German translations of the original trilogy (a very long time ago). It was a pretty solid read, similar to Eragon in how dragons are portrayed, just that the MC is female and there’s actually a school for dragon riders. I’m not sure though if it’s been ever translated into English.
I believe Naomi Novik also has a series dedicated to dragon riders but I haven’t read that one, but I’ve read on of her more recent books and her writing is good.


Aha, so that’s why I had issues with dragons. Princess stealing.

Watching a princess burn by dragon flame, was weirdly Satisfying. By accidentally revealed that interest in English class.

(Very odd life)

Beheading is cleaner though. Well, can be.


Hasn’t the thread been Dragon long enough?


@SarahWeaver6 I’m not sure what you mean.

@LoneStarDragon Just got a three dollar credit for Kindle so I’m buying the Dragon of Legend eBook off of Amazon. If you haven’t checked them on Wattpad yet, I highly encourage you to do so.


Oh its just a lame ass pun.


Oh. Face palm. I feel stupid lol!


Nah I miss that sort of thing a lot.

Lets be stupid together! ^ ^


I feel stupid. I thought you were talking about the book title. I read it twenty times trying to find the pun.

Once I realized my mistake, I had an Ender’s Game flashback.

Your ass is draggin’! Your ass is Dragon !”


But on that topic. Who here actually puts in the extra effort and says “Drag-on” and not “Drag-en”?


Lol. I think everyone is getting confused! XD


I’m drag on my hells about saying Drag Inn.

I tend to pronounce it like an I.


I say drag-on.

But this might be due to english being a second language.

Not really, but still.


Now we really are dragling this thread along.

Dragling counts? Right? Since it’s a baby dragon?


Your English is amazing. No dragon your heels about it.



Probably Dragon Knight has to be my all time favorite so far. I keep trying different dragon books, but they’re not always focused on the dragons themselves.

The Hero and the Crown by Mckinley was fairly good. More about the heroine herself, but a lot of dragon slaying.
In the Hall of the Dragon King was an okay book, no dragons though? So, meh.
Dragons in our Midst is ughhhhhh. Maybe because it’s geared at 12 year olds.

I haven’t actually read a good dragon book. Ever. Besides the Dragon Knight.

Well, there was Eon. It’s more on the oriental and Japanese side of things.


“Dragons in our Midst is ughhhhhh.”

I understand but still, I actually enjoyed the books.


Also, try the Legon series by Nicholas Taylor. The first book is free for an Ebook (At least it was back when I bought it) so not sure if it’s the same price now.