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Rant about writing dragons:



Ah yes, gotta love how easy, well relative easy dragons are to kill. Seriously, why SHOULD a dragon stay on the ground to be hit by the barbarians huge axe and the knights huge sword? A smart dragon would just fly up… leaving only magic and ranged weapons to be able to take it down.

Actually forcing it down or attacking it in a place it can’t fly up would require smart planning. Or good reasons, what if the dragon is guarding eggs, obviously it won’t just fly off …


This was the common tactic in Age of Fire. The humans/dwarves would attack females on eggs while the male was hunting. The females would be weak from hunger and unable to do anything dramatic without harming the eggs.

I think there was an equally nasty method in Dragonsbane, but I can’t remember what.


Well, that’s one of us! I have the first three books. I guess I shouldn’t say ugh. The story concept itself is good, it’s just not my cup of tea I suppose.


I think the writing is meant more for 12 to 13 years old. I’m not sure what age you are, but I was 14 when I was introduced to them.


An updated edit of my “dragon in a gas mask” art. Not really good enough for the art section.



Any thoughts on “Dragon Rider”?


Which one? Because that was my original story’s title XD


It’s a story by Cornelia Funke.

it’s a popular title xD


I know about it being a popular title, that’s why I wanted to be sure, lol.

Haven’t read it. I need to back through my Barnes and Nobles library to see what dragon books I can list here.

Has anyone read the Jennifer Scales series? It’s a dragon shifter series.


No, not me.
Is it good?


It’s been awhile and if memory serves correctly, it’s more aimed at adults. I’m not sure about the maturity range, but I do remember enjoying them my first time around.


Hmmm… I’ll see.


Mary Janice Davidson is the author.


I’ve only heard of some of these, and haven’t read any so…

I see a pretty common comment in reviews, which says “Normally, I avoid dragon books, but I really liked this”. Which makes me want to yell at people. If you avoid them, how do you know they should be avoided?!

Anyway, more adorable dragons…



oh. I was 15, a month from turning 16, when I was introduced. I’m 17 now. I’ll be 18 in January. so, that would make a heck of a difference.


Sadly didn’t have enough time to read all of that, but all I can say is dragons are amazing.


I’ve been trying to practice lucid dreaming for the chance to have dragons in my dream, but sadly I either can’t remember my dreams or don’t dream at all.

The last time I had dreams that were vivid was back several years ago when I had to have surgery for a shoulder injury.


Ya know, I can’t call to mind any time I’ve ever dreamed of dragons except one time years ago when there was a dragon antagonist… Now I’m sad xD I need more dragon dreams!


I remember other crazy vivid ones that I had as a kid and it’s annoying as heck that I can’t do it now.

Most vivid experience was falling through space and being aware then waking right up shortly after. XD