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I am a crazy vivid dreamer. I dream so good sometimes I can’t tell dreams from reality. Its both a blessing and a curse…


Dang. I think I remember someone saying something in the old forums once. I can’t imagine having to go through that…


Believe me, it kind of miserable when you remember something someone said and you have to ask, “Wait, was that a dream or not?”

But it can be kind of fun! I’ve flown, transformed into birds, met celebrities, gotten attacked by goblins, had to rescue Ashoka Tano and ended up being transformed into a parrot by an evil king, and had some incredible experiences. And I can remember it most of the time, at least the majority of the dream.


Oh, you rescued Ahsoka?
No fair!


Who is Ahsoka? The name is familiar, but I cannot bring to mind who it is.


Star Wars. Anikans Padwan.


Oooh. Right. My bad xD





Best dragons: intelligent guardians.

Worst dragons: those which let you ride them.


Guardians of what?


Guardians of life, time, universe, etc. Basically cosmic demigods.


Worst dragons - those which let you ride them. :confused:

"So, Nate, how was school?" my mom asked, but I went upstairs without saying a word. I can't believe everyone expects me, a 13 year old kid to master riding a flying, fire-breathing lizard which could totally kill hundreds of people and is smart enough to escape captivity. And my parents are okay with that!

And I wasn’t allowed near the drilling machine in our workshop until I was a teen, because it wasn’t safe for kids. Apparently riding dragons is safer than operating a drilling machine.


It’s Fantasy, give the kid a break lol!


True… also humans don’t exist, so I can make them up to be whatever I want.


I have a book I’m drafting right now with dragons. I really dislike both the all-powerfull-human-killing dragons and the popular right now dragon rider books. Trying to write something inbetween.


I used to absolutely hate the dragon-rider trope, but I had to put dragon riders in my story. So I edited a lot.

Only elves are allowed to ride dragons, and it requires them being extremely powerful wizards such that them being on top of the dragon benefits them. For example, a mage can protect the dragon using force fields or shoot fireballs or lightning bolts to input additional damage.

And sometimes it’s outright slavery, because dragons are magical creatures and elves can control magic. It’s kinda wrong… but hey! Nobody’s pure.


My dragons don’t tend to carry people, either because of size or vanity. My LSD dragons are too small, though there will be one scene when the protag carries his human friend as a gift, but it’s more of a glide down from a mountain. She’s too heavy to fly with.

I do have ideas for dragon-riding stories and have read some that I like, but I have mixed feelings about them. As previously stated, dragons that are ridden tend to behave like broken horses. Submissive to whatever the human wants. They almost never say “No, we’re going to fly over here instead” and the I don’t really like the subtext that “dominating other intelligent creatures is cute as long as they don’t protest” since they author can make them not protest, even if it doesn’t make sense.

As I said about the Eragon movie, Saphira should have taught Eragon some respect, but that basically never happens or would never happen.


That makes sense.

Sometimes my dragons carry humans around if they are important and need to be somewhere quickly, but not too far as they’re not a taxi service. The reason they don’t want to carry people around is it makes them vulnerable as they have to make sure they don’t throw their rider off, although its more like because they’re too proud to let mortals ride them.