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Yeah. I always like it when a dragon gives a ride to a human just to annoy another dragon.


Once a dragon takes the MC to their nest because the MC freed him.




In my books (a trilogy) there are six elemental Dragons who are deities who created the universe. And then five of them (who are the children of the sixth) resided on the humans’ planet, each on their own region, and defend humanity. If any human finds one of them, they may ask to be tested to earn a gift of power from them. If they are found worthy and pass their given test, they go through a ‘Bestowing’, where they take an oath and are bestowed with the power.

I should point out that this lore had not yet been mentioned in the story. It will be included later in the second book in the form of a ballad, and in a prequel once the trilogy is done.

Any thoughts🙃?


This sounds really interesting. I don’t know why by I’ve always imagined dragons as some deity-like creatures. Which elements do they represent?


Water, earth, fire, air, and magic.
Their mother, the sixth Dragon, controls them all. But when she had her children she knew she couldn’t give them all power over everything, so she formed five elements and gave one to each.


All I’m seeing here are discussions about Eragon, Smaug, etc. but here’s the real question:

Anyone here read The Last Dragon Chronicles?
(bonus points if you give the right response :wink:)


Nope. I keep seeing A Dragon’s Rider pop up so I might have to take a look at that one at least.

How do people feel about a dragon being able to mind talk in addition to speaking the human language verbally?



I’ve read:

  1. Hobbit
  2. Temeraire 1-9
  3. Age of Fire 1-5
  4. Wings of Fire #1
  5. Rain Wilds #1
  6. Pern #1
  7. Heartstrikers 1-3
  8. Seraphina #1

That’s all that comes to mind presently.


Great series by Chris D’Lacey. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves, dragons, mystery, alternate worlds, complexity, and magic.


I haven’t actually read an Eragon book since I was maybe 13 (I was never able to make it through book four for whatever reason) but I genuinely loved those books at the time! They’re also one of the series that got me into high fantasy!

And I haven’t been able to really find one with the trope that I like either. Although as far was Wattpad goes, Talon the Black is one I really enjoyed.


Eragon is definitely a charming read, although I read it like ten years ago.

But god, the movie was horrible in comparison. And just on its own.


Shh… what movie? XD


I liked the dragons in all their incarnations in Robin Hobbs’ books, both manmade and ‘real’. Other than that, I did not really see many.


I LOVE the Spyro games! At least the first few. Then they got stupid. :confused: But I finally beat one of them a few years ago. I’ve still never beaten the first one, though. Stupid boss is impossible to beat (even if I’ve watched him get beaten in Youtube videos).


On that point, why aren’t there more video games with dragon protagonists. I’ve seen the trailers for recent games with scifi chimps, gun wielding ducks and pigs, and cat with swords. But apparently someone decided Spyro was all the dragons we got.

Give me an open world dragon RPG or MMO where this V is how you explore the world.

I’ve been really tempted to make an RPG of my story.


I know it’s not the same, but there are apparently ways to play as a dragon in Skyrim through a modification/patch off of Steam I believe. Not sure how though.


Is anyone interested in starting a dragon based think-tank or brainstorming group to gather opinions or critique dragon related snippets or concepts?

It would be like the rating threads, you give commentary on previous #DragonTank posts, and then share your concept, except your swapping feedback with whoever you comment on or commented on you, not just the previous post.

Example: I ask: “What do you think of dragons with feathers?” Then two people respond and I have to respond to their posts, but they don’t have to respond to mine again, or else it’s an endless loop, but if they do, I have to comment on theirs once more.

You can ask feedback on anything dragon related , but next person isn’t required to comment if you post your first page or something equally large. They can can just post their own and wait for feedback from someone else.

I won’t create guidelines I can’t enforce, but lets not get carried away. If you want to participate, include #DragonTalk in your post so normal discussion can work around us.


So what about posting quotes about dragons from your story or something like that? Technically, it’s not really advertising and people post summary threads all the time…