🐲 Dragons 🐉



Haha. So you followed my star to a safe and familiar harbor?


I suppose that’s one way of expressing it


Anyway, I think I mentioned this somewhere else, but I have new story idea for my LSD universe. Instead of a having a boy who raises a dragon because of a magic bond, I’m going to write a boy raises dragons who are addicted to opium. Basically the dragon equivalent of beekeeping.

Edit: I say Boy and dragon, but it would probably be a brother and sister thing.


OOH! To add on to that, while you mentioned beekeeping, what if he also raised them for some sort of resource. The same way beekeeping is for honey, dragonkeeping could be for fire (special dragon fire obviously), or scales, or something creative I can’t think of but you probably will.

Just an idea that popped in my head when I read that :sweat_smile:


Or pets, pygmy dragons, pet like dragons you can keep like a dog or a cat. Relative Intelligent too!


I was just thinking along the lines of mining, so gold instead of honey. But I like the dragon fire, or harvesting the oil dragons spray to create fire. Yep, scales would be good too. Opium, especially enough for dozens of dragons, wouldn’t be cheap. There could be a dog show aspect too.


I have a dragon in my book, but it’s more like a giant, scaled, dinosaur worm that swims around in water. (If that makes sense.)


I enjoyed her dragonriders books. In fact, I used elements of her relationship between dragons and humans for my Dragon-Bound series of books.


I like Wyverns more than Dragons. For some reason, they seem posher.


I love the Pern Dragons, especially the fire-lizards. Also Draco from the original Dragonheart movie.

Worst dragons? Probably the Dragonlance ones. Some of them are awesome, and the art is iconic, but they’re so inconsistently powered. Are they nigh invulnerable godlike genius sorcerer monsters, or angry lizards?


I’m actually surprised no one has mentioned the Dragons out of the Dark Souls series, most notable being the Scaleless dragon from the first game. A betrayer of his own kind, it’s in the Dark Fantasy realm as the name of the game implies but how it’s handled so subtly shows how writers can craft a narrative out of few words.


Then we got Dankeater Midir.

(On a serious note, I always found the lore of DS intriguing. I think one of the creators, if not Miyazaki himself, said something like that a good world tells its story in silence.)


Strabo from the Magic Kingdom of Landover books is my favourite dragon. He’s so blunt and snarky!



That isn’t much to go on, but I don’t have anything negative to say about the concept. Spiritual like in a religious sense, where you have no evidence if they are providing aid or not. Or in a, they’re made of magic, sort of way?



This is a pre-chapter snippet from my story that explains how these dragons communicate. Does it make sense to you? It’s a series of selected texts from a dragon textbook.

It wasn’t until the discovery of electromagnetic waves… that we would finally begin to understand…That these native dragons were indeed communicating…but through biological radio transceivers. They were speaking mind to mind… Not only capable of sending messages in the form of thoughts, but memories and emotions.

There are two types of these neural transceivers in use, which we call nodes. The Central Node, which is located at the back of the brain and the Frontal node at the base of the dragon’s nose.

The Central Node is used for general discussions and transmits either to all dragons or, through Synchronization, to all familiar dragons within the immediate area.

The Frontal Node is used when one dragon wishes to contact another, either directly or privately… Their snout is internally shaped to aim these telepathic waves so only a dragon with direct line of sight will receive their transmission.



List of all the main dragon tropes.


I found Shoulder Dragon amusing because it certainly doesn’t match up to my dragon, Ritmore.

They’re mostly harmless and usually rather cute…

He isn’t and would be offended by the suggestion.

Well, when it comes to Badass Adorable Non-Human Sidekicks, it doesn’t get much better than a pint-sized version of Smaug.

That was my intention, but are we talking about the same Smaug?




Dragon Pilot: A girl and her dragon…plane…cyborg?


The first Dragonriders of Pern book was the first book I ever read, so I got to avoid that feeling. Same with the Hobbit; I read it for the first time in like 4th grade, so I got to experience them in the raw form without the context of the books that came later and used them as inspiration.

I can definitely see why modern readers would view them as dated; I was horrified to see Lessa’s book in at my school library; it definitely has some themes I look back on and am horrified by.

Temeraire is enjoyable, but I got progressively more bored as I went on with the series.

My favorite dragons are actually the dragons in the InCryptid series by Seanan McGuire. I haven’t seen them mentioned yet. Females have a humanoid shape but are deeply inhuman and are in fact still cold-blooded. Males retain traditional “dragon” shape. They need gold for biological reasons of survival. It’s a great take on the lore!