Drama chat

So how was your day?

(Too much “romance” in my opinion)


not bad, how was yours??

It was good, how are you?


Hello again, how was your day?

i have a concussion so pretty shitty

I’m alright, kinda tired though. How about you?

i’m making direct eye contact with ur profile picture

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Tired also, I had a longer day today.

Mine just started.

I hope your day will be nice.

Also I wanted to say that your profile picture is beautiful.

Oh no, I hope you will get better.

It’s kinda hard to avoid

wow thank you, so is yours I absolutely love it

today seemed to go on forever - I hope we all get some good quality sleep

stupid shark

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Thank you also!

Yeah, Mondays are always like this.

gasp hoW dArE yOu