Drama chat


if kissing obama would make you fall in love me , will do it without any 2nd thoughts


Of course!


404page you feeling lonely, sweetheart?


@universallyincorrect I may flirt with many, but you are the one I love truly


-w-What?! n-No, Of course not!


i call bullshit


Don’t be scared. @universallyincorrect already stole my heart


Are you really sure? Or are you trying to hide something?


why do u stutter while typing…?


well one kiss is all it takes, to fall in love with me. ( have you heard that song? one kiss- calvin)


He is jealous of us. :heart:


Okay it’s 2am and I’m not tired, should I even bother trying to sleep?


dramatic effect


Earning some more brownie points , If you start to feel uncomfortable at any point, let me know :slight_smile:


Nah… I’m just a little uncomfortable talking to strangers hehe


No worries, I will be there when your wedding is arranged!


Dream about me instead. Think you are sleeping in my arms.


i’ll consider it but only if you kiss obama first :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


considering it won’t do.


I’d much rather the real thing but merely the thought of you puts my mind at ease