Drama chat


-w-Why do you put periods in your sentence? Hm?


would u kiss this for me? :kissing_heart:



Don’t worry love, I will be always there to hold your hands, hug you. There will be one time when there would be no need to think about me. Just look to your right. I will be there.


because periods are a universally known way to end a sentence


That is understandable, have a nice day.


why on earth are you using a question mark you dork


A. HUNDRED. TIMES. just to get one kiss.




well period won’t end our love darling


what about this ://



Why do you reply me? you- idk


looks right and stares loving at my wall

oh how glad I am to have you so close to me and how happy I am to be able to hold you dear


Well, you know what you should do, follow me. We will seal the deal in private. No need for these strangers to know about our love sweetheart. :wink:


jesus christ u need some holy water


one day, I will be there, just wait for me. love


uh I’m sorry??


I would drink poison for you love.


as the father has loved me, so have i loved you. Like he died for our sins, I would die for you. :heart:


I will wait for you always, whenever you need me I’ll be here always by your side

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