Drama chat


my heart will never be the same…


Oh, okay


dude. stop it now. I love you. I flirted once.


you flirted with the robot ambassador


come here into my arms. the warmth of my love will repair it. My kiss would nurture it. My hugs would cure it.




aw sweetie, if you truely love her i think we should break up… all I want is for you to be happy and if that means having my heart broken then so be it. I’ll always love you even if we can’t be together.

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sweet talk won’t get you anywhere :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I am sorry . But it is her that I LOVE. I AM SORRY


It would. straight to your heart, into your arms. Believe me, Some day i would be sleeping on ur lap and you would be singing a lullaby for me. This is just a rough patch. We will Get over it. I love you a lots :heart:


this is how i am right now because of you



don’t be, I shouldn’t have let myself fall for you in the first place, you deserve to be happy and im sorry for breaking your relationship


its not broken. Its just … temporally down.


are you sure about that?


don’t be. Every time that gif reminds, my heart shrinks. I love you. Believe me sweety Please


In that case I hope that with me out of the picture you’ll be able to get it back up then


My words for you arent hollow, I mean everything. I would do anything to get us back together.


it’s not your words that are hollow anymore…

it’s my heart


I am ready to fill it with my love, even if it takes a lifetime :heart:


that’s just not good enough…

i’m sorry…