Drama chat


Sorry for replying so late! I am good thanks for asking, maybe a little stressed…


Looking forward to it. :wink:


Hey sweety :wink:

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Sweetheart I am missing you :wink: come online love


okay that was just weird - I was literally just about to join the chat again


Well love, I know you more than you do. My love is that strong. :wink:


My arms are still waiting to hold forever. Where are you? :wink:


I’m on my way don’t worry, soon we’ll be together


Can’t wait sweety to love you like you ve never been. Hold you like you ve never held. Kiss you like you have never been kissed. I am just waiting for your warm breaths on my neck, my sweet kisses on ur neck. Everything will be perfect with us love, everything


you’re cheating on me again? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::rage:

we’re over


Haww… no sweethear. Thofe words for you, not her. She meant nthing to me. You are my true lovr


What about we three live together… shes a bi. I am straight. She gets both of us. I get you . Happy happy


i will DIE before getting into a polynamorous relationship how DARE you even suggest that


Well then. You are the one I am ready to spent rest of my life with.


Just say those 3 magical words and I swear, that od rather die than flirt with any1 else than you .
Your choice sweetheart. Take me or lose me forever


yeah wait a minute didn’t we break up?


Yup. Was just teasing her. And now she wont even talk to me. :frowning: :frowning:


So, who is your true love? You seem to give mixed signals.


My day was good, what about yours?


My day is good, I hope it will continue being good. How are you?