Draw It In Your Style (closed to new members)

Hey there guys, thank you so much for being interested in this challenge. Those who were interested have already signed up, so if your name is not down below please wait for this contest to be over and the next one to start in the future. In order to make this as fair and stress free as possible, here’s a few guidelines!

  1. The chosen artist of the week will be done using Random.Org using the number in which you signed up/ showed interest

  2. There is no official timeline for your entry. To be respectful I would appreciate it if you tried to submit it within 1-2 weeks of the round, but life gets busy and sometimes you can’t get to it. This is completely understandable! We’ll wait for all entries to be submitted before starting the next round.

  3. All styles and mediums are accepted (digital and traditions are both beautiful styles and are both very much encouraged!) but please make sure to take your time and put effort into it! A quick and effortless sketch isn’t fair for others who spend a lot of time trying to make sure their entry is great

  4. I will not be competing in or doing anything in this group other then running as admin (making sure everything runs smoothly and keeping track of what has been submitted!) I feel like this just keeps everything a little more fair!

  1. @Ryo_Leo
  2. @scmimi
  3. @kadauhara99
  4. @MakosEyebrows
  5. @HEEdwards
  6. @EmilyGJones
  7. @RexEynon
  8. @Vexful
  9. @AveryJutsu
  10. @giveitameaning
  11. @letterbyowl
  12. @Fallintsel
  13. @dystopial
  14. @Wren_Parsons
  15. @ISmokeAndMirrorsI
  16. @Breakwave
  17. @Kishyie
  18. @woeful
  19. @minahava
  20. @Zenalth
  21. @Stewpidley

WEEK 1: @Wren_Parsons
Ryo_Leo- Submitted
Scmimi- Submitted
Kadauhara99 - Submitted
MakosEyebrows- Submitted
HEEdwards - Submitted
EmilyGJones - Submitted
RexEynon- Submitted
Vexful - Submitted
AveryJutsu- Submitted
Giveitameaning- Submitted
Letterbyowl - Submitted
Fallintsel- Submitted
Dystopial- Submitted
ISmokeAndMirrorsI - Submitted
Breakwave Submitted
Astrxphoria- Submitted
Kishyie- Submitted
Woeful- Submitted
Minahava- Submitted
Zenalth- Submitted
Stewpidley- Submitted




What’s our deadline?


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Question. So I like to share my art on my social media. Will the original artists have like information like :eyes: if they don’t want their art to be shared. or how to credit them if I do want to share my version with the original one. etc

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That’s a really good question! I would talk to the artist specifically, but I feel like it should be a general rule that to participate you should be okay with artists here sharing it as long as they link your information ?

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That’s why I was wondering if people would like drop their social media when sharing their OC unless they just want to link their wattpad ? :eyes: if most of us are already drawing, though, I feel like we would have like other accounts we’d rather link.

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That’s a good idea!! Yall goa ahead and drop your preferred social media handles when you share your oc! @Wren_Parsons

Are you able to say that drawings done of your OC are fanart :stuck_out_tongue:

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(I like the way you think :joy: )

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I got one of them good brains.

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I’ve also thought of that hours ago before the contest officially started here :sweat_smile: We’ll get like, 20 fanarts. Each.

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I’m not on any other social media platform apart from Wattpad. I’m ok with you sharing my work and crediting me, but yeah I’m only on Wattpad. :blush:

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I don’t usually put watermarks on my drawings, but if we’re going to be sharing our works on other sites, is it advise I do so now? :slightly_smiling_face:

Dang! I wish this were open :frowning: When will another one start?

What do you mean?

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Wait… it’s a contest??

oh but it seems we get nothing if we win tho cx

who chooses the winner?

Didn’t OP say another contest will be opened in the future?

I thought it was like a fun group activity thing until a few minutes ago o-o;

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