feck outta hea’


My hands are cramping and I don’t do traditional art very well.


My hands are dead.


you’re too unkind to yourself


SO beautiful!


This is amazing…!


take your time! :slight_smile:


To say that’s a sketch, he looks really good!


damn, wish i could sketch “real bad”


The humble brag is real :joy:


Same here mate, same :'D


throws every art tool I own out the window


I can’t draw males for shit lmao nvm


sorry for butchering your character but if i spend anymore then 10 minutes on anything my head will explode …totally medical and not cuz i dislike vamps


Do we know if another round will begin or if we just wait for everyone to submit? ^^


:blush: pretty sure we’re waiting on @peachylost and @Eden20157 I think?


Ooo yes missed that! ty


Yep @woeful , @Vexful is right! I know @peachylost has been sick and really busy, so no worries there, but I haven’t heard from @Eden20157 since the last thread so I’m not sure about that?


Go ahead without me this round — i’m sorry. I haven’t gotten much of mine done; I have been super sick plus busy so i haven’t had time.


Jumping in before the change in round. I got a little more time the last few days so could put i a lot more work on Alexander (Apologies for my earlier submission - I wasn’t sure on how quick the turnaround on this was going to be & had a crazy busy week).

Granted there’s still a lot of work to do, but i’m happy with how it’s gone so far (never thought drawing someone else’s character would be so fun)