the nose looks fantastic and the shape of the head looks so 3D :o I can never draw the nose well cx

You should maybe adjust his eyes though… he looks like he’s trying to stare at the bridge of his nose ouo


He looks great!!!


Okay folks, that wraps up Round 1! 21 SUBMISSIONS! That’s crazy :slight_smile: @Wren_Parsons go ahead and comment down below with your favorite interpretation so I can go ahead and do the shout out for the winner.

ROUND 2!!!

That makes the next artist chosen @HEEdwards ! Go ahead and link your character below and let’s start round 2! :slight_smile:

  1. @Ryo_Leo
  2. @scmimi
  3. @kadauhara99
  4. @MakosEyebrows
  5. @HEEdwards
  6. @EmilyGJones
  7. @RexEynon
  8. @Vexful
  9. @AveryJutsu
  10. @giveitameaning
  11. @letterbyowl
  12. @Fallintsel
  13. @dystopial
  14. @Wren_Parsons
  15. @ISmokeAndMirrorsI
  16. @Breakwave
  17. @Kishyie
  18. @woeful
  19. @minahava
  20. @Zenalth
  21. @Stewpidley


WEEK 2: @HEEdwards
Scmimi- Submitted
Kadauhara99 - Submitted
MakosEyebrows- Submitted
EmilyGJones - Submitted
RexEynon- Submitted
Vexful - Submitted
AveryJutsu- Submitted
Giveitameaning- Submitted
Letterbyowl - Submitted
Dystopial- Submitted // Submitted
Wren_Parsons- Submitted
ISmokeAndMirrorsI - Submitted
Breakwave- Submitted
Astrxphoria- Submitted
Kishyie- Submitted
Woeful- Submitted
Minahava- Submitted
Zenalth- Submitted
Stewpidley- Submitted




damn this is some uber dedication to change your account name too

can someone tag me once the new character is posted… or else i forget to check this thread


:joy: I kinda just took the role and flowed with it. I’m highkey feeling it now. And I will make sure to do that, no problem :slight_smile:


Ooo this is exciting!

Here’s my character:

For context: Helena is a 27 y/o werewolf with a violent history and a love of books. Her personality is straight to the point/biting/harsh and while she has a sadistic side, she’s very kind to the people she loves. She has mixed heritage, so her skin is a medium brown, while her hair is black and thick. Her most prominent feature is her nose, which is large and hooked.

She’s a very practical person (Although she has worn a dress at times for undercover mission etc). Her clothes are all as practical as possible, usually in black and red (Although her favourite colour is green) and she has a knife that she keeps by her side whenever possible.

Let me know if you have more questions.


@letterbyowl I gotchuuu


Thanks. And agreed on the eyes. There’s always something that just doesn’t go right :frowning: I suppose that’s what practice is for.

@HEEdwards Helena sounds like a cool character. Looking forward to this!


sorry about this :I


Don’t be sorry, you gave it a good shot! I really like how you’ve drawn her nose and lips


Why is everyone so talented?! Honestly I loved each and every piece and it was really hard to choose my favourite. :heart_eyes:
I decided to choose my favourites on this criteria:
-Does the piece reflect the mood of Alexander? (Somber/grumpy/aggressive)
-Does the piece captivate the appearance of Alexander? (clothing/facial features/hair)
-Is there time/effort/thought captured in the piece?

SO my top toots are…(I couldn’t decide which one I loved more so its a tie!)



I’m usually slow at drawing, but these days I have nothing to do. So, here’s Helena!
She was fun to draw, though I don’t think I captured her well. And, I had so much trouble drawing a hooked nose :upside_down_face:

I hope you like her!


She looks so cute! I love it and how clean it looks


Yessss, a new characterrrrr. Excited!


ive been blessed LOL


Lol. The character description kind of sounds like me :heart: without the hooked nose, though it’s still large. :sweat_smile:

She sounds very interesting and I’m going to try digitally coloring her after the sketch. Wish me luck. I’m going to need it. :joy:


Good luck! I’m looking forward to seeing what you make!



…there is a very fine line between small and small, and I think I crossed it.