It may be small, but it’s pretty dang cool!


Round Two OC by @HEEdwards
Almost everyone drew in a realism/semi-realism esque style last round… so I thought Id’d change it up with a chibi xD

will be posting on my social later


So cute!!!


Whoa…!!! :flushed:


:eyes: i love drawing small. what size lead do you use lol


0.5 HB…!

My eyes and fingers hate me tho, and if you erase something you basically have to erase everything next to it XD

(I love what you did with the html btw)


you should try out 0.3 :eyes: you get to either draw even smaller, or add details to your already small drawing. i think 0.2 exists too but I haven’t tried it.

I only draw chibis in that style… so if i erase something… its not that bad LOL

(tyty, i figure since I know how to do it. might as well make the whole post aesthetic)


There’s… there’s 0.3…? …0.2???


Lol I made a mistake starting small with that one. Next thing I know, I erase a strand of hair and the entire face goes with it :joy:


I love her design! :heart_eyes: I have a question, what kind of books would she read?


yes, I usually have to go to japanese stationary stores to get them… but amazon might work depending on where you live…

try using the like… stamp method. instead of like the rubbing to remove the lead ? Like just dab the paper with a little force. It takes a little longer, but you can always like, redraw some of the details you want to keep that are disappearing


Whoa, thanks!!!

Shoulda known this sooner :joy:


Anything she can get her hands on. She loves history books/romances/sci-fi etc


Thank you! :blush:


Oh wow, thanks! I never thought mere pencils could make it :blush:


yeah, thanks! he was cool character to draw


she will be fun to draw!


I think its wild how there’s like a 1/21 chance of being picked D: you never know how much time you have to select an OC (i have like a thousand 1/2).


I have no clue what drawing I’ll put up if I get selected. I might have to forfeit my turn to somebody else if it’s next round, haha.


The odds are pretty high but are pretty low too!

Something like rolling a d20.


Here’s my entry!

She was a really fun character to draw :grinning: