I love it! You caught her really well!






Use a smoll eraser like this (the pencil, .5 is there for comparison c:

I think you can also get the kind that you can knead into any shape but I haven’t been able to find them. my hand looks so ugly in there >~<

I also draw really small ouo


If there’s a Jerry’s Artarama anywhere near you, you can get shapable erasers there!


I doubt it ;-;


Amazon? :stuck_out_tongue:


Usually doesn’t ship here.

I think I saw them in Daiso but I thought it cost a bit too much for such a small piece.




That’s amazing…! Thanks for the info :bluehearts:

I honestly really want one of those… but the art shops over here in the UK have really, really high prices for everything :joy:

(+ I don’t remember seeing an eraser that tiny either, which is a shame)


I got the smaller one in Daiso so it literally cost only $2.

The larger one is a thing you should be able to get in the stationary section of any conventional shopping malls. I mean, if we can get them here of all places, it will be there everywhere else cx


…apparently there’s no Daiso in the UK either…

Gotta get 'em from Amazon then :joy:

(Yeah might invest in that larger one - I actually had one but it disappeared one day… no idea how :'D)


The bigger one is by Uni. Notice that it also says ‘medium’ in there so there might be other sizes as well. It’s should also be pretty cheap…

Edit: I just saw the edited part on your post o.o


Ooh that one looks nice…!

Honestly, Japanese stationary are generally cute and affordable, which is why I’m miffed that they don’t have Daiso over here.

Also, this is the eraser I was using :joy: :joy:


Meanwhile there’s me…


@astrxphoria will you be participating in this round? :slight_smile:




It looks well used :o

This is my big one cx

I like using only one side for some reason - I only took off that outer paper wrapping recently ;~; I also get annoyed when my friends use the other side and if they use the eraser at the back of the pencils o.o


It’s… it’s so cute…!


Idk. It depends on my schedule. I have a pretty busy week coming up but I might be able to squeeze in some time if I really want to.

I’d also feel bad to join the next round after sort of throwing a tantrum in the previous one and leaving; which kinda will be like I never left c’:


If that’s your idea of “throwing a tantrum” then I just feel embarrassed :joy: You should share your pretty art, js :slight_smile: