For real @astrxphoria you competed in the last round so it’s not like you’re slacking or not doing your part. If you have the time I would love for you to submit :slight_smile:


Ah, okay… I’ll try ^^

@Vexful I just delivered the drawing btw


I literally just saw that drawing up above and was like holy crap that’s so good, HER CURLS MY DUDE she looks great! Also the addition of her actually holding the skull… that’s good. That’s real good


Kayyy you wouldn’t know it by looking at this but I spent 9 hours on this :joy: @HEEdwards this is why I commission you and not the other way around
For sure going to be the most subpar of all of the submissions BUT it’s an improvement from my last one I think so that makes me feel good!

(Also sorry my computer’s WiFi is being SHITE so count this as my submission until I can actually upload the real image from my laptop)


This is a very big improvement! Her facial features are proportional and the colouring is really pretty. Blended very well.


Thank you!!! :blush:


She’s from a fantasy setting right? (From what I see, it’s not a YA romance, but I’m a bit unsure bcs werewolf.)


A rough sketch so far^

It’ll get cleaned up and adjusted on digital eventually…


@Fallintsel @astrxphoria @Zenalth
how do you guys use colored erasers?? usually if i dont use white ones I get like left over color residue on my paper or are your erasers just that good?

:eyes: but also, are you guys also hella into writing utensils cause I can go on about those for hours. :ok_hand: japan has some hella nice stuff


color residue as in the color of the eraser? if so than I don’t get that with mine

idk the black one was Staedtler iirc - its not a particularly expensive brand

yes they do but I usually can’t get them ;-;


Yeah, it’s a fantasy set in post apocalyptic Europe filled with creatures from European/beyond folklore.


It looks super cute! You’ve definitely improved from last time for sure.


Oh hell yeah >:D

Actually, I’ve sort of hated coloured erasers before that one - someone gave it to me, and it’s just really good…! It almost feels like the rubber is yellow instead of having had it dyed :'D

I wanna go to Japan so badly. It’s a shame cuz I could’ve gone when I was living in Korea (dunno why I didn’t actually :joy:)


I rarely ever get erasers that leave color on it. :thinking:

Even the cheapest ones, that only ever occurred to me once.


is it more urban or rural set?


It varies. Helena usually lives in a tower on the top of a hill by the sea, but she spends a lot of time in the local town/in the nearby ruins of a city/ in the forest hunting. It’s really up to you as to where you set it.


@astrxphoria maybe your eraser is just of good quality. My erasers aren’t expensive but they’re pretty good quality

@Fallintsel lucky. the pink ones here always leave pink marks or just smear the pencil lines so I only use white ones

@Zenalth I am really particular about my erasers LOL a lot of the ones here like… smear or crumble and its like you had one job


Ikr lol

It’s entire purpose is to erase marks, not create new ones :joy:


:slightly_smiling_face: This is the line art. :sweat_smile:I don’t think I’m doing it right, but shrugs 'tis my best.

I need to learn how to draw a knife.
Hope you like it.


If I get selected can you give my turn to someone else. I’ve never drawn my characters. I have trouble imagining them and I get frustrated easily, so when I have tried I’ve always ended up destroying them in a fit. :sweat::blush: