I really like how stylised your drawing of her is!


i think the knife looks really cool with that style


No Michael’s, Blick’s Art Materials or Opus around either?

Kneaded erasers last a long time especially when it’s just for tiny details. Usually people (including me) will split it in half for more usage. In my opinion it’s worth investing in but again, just my opinion. Art is the only thing I put my money into lol


Here she is! :blush::grin:


You’ve got her expression dead on! I love it!


Awww thank you!! I spent a while trying to decide he clothing choice and ended up sticking to more earthy colours :blush:


i tried but i couldn’t make it look like her, sorry! love the cape and hooked nose by the way



Thank you! I absolutely love both pieces ( the bottom one made me laugh) and her poses. You especially captured her expression in the second one!

@Wren_Parsons you definitely did a good job. I like the green you chose for her trousers, it balances the colour palette nicely.


Nope. I live in a funky place called Myanmar where there’s almost literally nothing around.

Yeah… but like I’m pretty sure the ones I saw there were the kind one of my friends were trying to eat like it was chewing gum when we were in elementary school because it was scented and she told me it had flavour too? It would be bad if I got sugar all over my paper o.o


So, funny story, I’m in Georgia for a week and the minute I arrived I saw that the next round was up. I was like, no problemo, I brought an entire new pack of fine liners with me! I can draw here!

But no.

I brought an entire pack of 0.05 fine liners. And no coloring utensils whatsoever. So I had basically one choice: hatching.

So :slight_smile: much :slight_smile: hatching :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to color it once I get home, but we’ll see if the round ends before then or not. I feel like coloring might help her hair and face area, but I’m honestly kind of proud of the tunic, considering I don’t do hatching a lot!






Hoh dear god

That… that looks so good tho, like it actually works aesthetically :open_mouth:


I LOVE what you did with the cloak…!!!


Thanks C: I was a little worried about that so it’s good to hear!


thanks! yours too, it looks like it could be part of a graphic novel


@HEEdwards I’m happy to hear that.:heart:

@minahava Thank you. That’s a relief. :blush:


Yours really fits the theme. :heart: And I love the actiony stance.


I see what you mean by a lot of hatching! That must’ve taken forever, but it does look really cool


Just pencil and marker again.


Here’s my attempt at HEEdwards’ character, Helena.