Not gonna lie, i’m massively struggling with the nose on this one. I’ve never really worked with these tones before. Any ideas?


Using harsher shading/highlights might be effective, plus using a mixture of soft and harsh lines. I find that with hooked noses you’ve got to play with light and dark to give to impression of the curve from straight on (in one of the ref pictures I drew her face in a similarish style to you, I don’t know if that would help).


Yeah does a bit. It’s good practice for sure. Going to really have to work those darker shades


I find that blocking out the harsher shades (deep reds/purples and blues sometimes work the best for this) and then blurring and blending them out works well. I often do mine on a different layer and alter the opacity or layer type (changing it to a ‘divide’ or ‘multiply’ layer) to make it fit a little better.

Hope this helps! :smile: I used to use Sai and I have to say I really enjoyed the software! Its a shame you can’t get it on Mac :sob:


I’ll look into that, though to be honest I really don’t know much about the features of sai. I like the different types of brushes and options available, though I rarely use or for its actual purpose. It’s a glorified paint for me :slight_smile:


I’ll admit I found it to be a bit overwhelming with all its features, brushes, ect.


im doin the thing i swear


looks cool af


dem cold colors tho!

everyone is doing really great shading and line work and I’m just like BOOP LINEAR DODGE


There are so many actiony poses :o

I guess I’ll settle for the one where she looks kind instead ouo totally not bcs I gave up on that perfecting other pose


I hope this isn’t too far from the original concept. I have trouble with certain facial features on female characters :open_mouth:




It looks really cool!


Wow…this looks so cool!


I have a not-so-dark version if youd like that?


promise I’m workin on it but quarter just began and I’m already dying so I’ll probably finish it this weekend (?) but awesome character


I’d love to see it!


So here’s the lighter version!


They’re both awesome!


You’re so talented. :heart_eyes: