haha, naw. i just have a tablet.


shut up. she’s right


I will die before ever admitting that I’m good at something


then perish




Alright kids. It’s pretty elementary, and only my second digital piece ever. So please, don’t judge me for my sloppiness and poor…everything. Bye.




T_T I love you




Only your second digital piece??? Gdammmmmnnn


:see_no_evil: B!


Hi, I love you omg. Thanksss haha!


You should shade the eyes as well (I think her eyes were an orangey color btw?) and experiment with hard brushes, especially for the hair.

Its much much better than my second ever digital piece thou c:


If anyone wants to see the current submissions for this round, here it is!

9 Submissions left!


I did traditional this time partly bcs I currently have no access to my laptop (it got confiscated because I was watching movies on it ‘when I should’ve been studying’ ;-;) and partly bcs I wanted to try out a new pencil set ouo

Edit: it doesn’t look much better but at least I tried q-q


ya naughty


I didn’t like my last submission very much so I made a new one because I’m EXTRA and I felt like doing digital art.

Also, like, it’s 3:51 in the morning where I am, and I’m sort of having an identity crisis, and I have a take-home test due… tomorrow? The day after tomorrow? I don’t know but it’s scary and I should probably sleep or something.


Good night and sweet dreams.
The drawing is very good. :heart:


I just realised the thingies hanging at the bottom of the trunk should also be sort of waving along with then supposed wind instead of hanging straight down like that o-o


I think it looks fine. And your shading is spot on.