Isn’t it funny how it’s when you’re done that’s when you realize there’s something off. :rofl:

But I think your pencil sketch is nicely done. No worries. I didn’t notice it until you mentioned it.


I’ve been ill this week so I’ve only just got to it :sweat_smile: I wanted to do something with pencil this week, partly because I could do it in bed lol but also because graphite is one of my favourite things to use. Sorry it’s not too imaginative, but this was a really fun character to draw!


yoooo this is awesome


Thank you! :blush:


It’s wonderfully done. I won’t worry about it. :heart:
Get well.


She looks awesome!


that looks so amazing :o

did you use a reference picture or are you just great at anatomy?


I used to draw really small and liked doing so until I auditioned for an art school and they literally will not look at your work if it doesn’t take up the WHOLE page. So I kinda had to re-train myself how to draw larger.


yeet o.o

A3 or A4?

but it’s a good thing I’m not going to try out for an art school I guess cx


The portfolio I submitted to the school was with paper sizes between A5 and A1. During the audition they made us do a still life on A3. So I don’t really know an answer haha. All of the above maybe lol?


This is amazing. Beautiful shading :heart:


@kadauhara99 thank you! :heart:

@HEEdwards I’m glad you like it! I hope I did her justice :blush:

@astrxphoria thank you so much! I did look at a couple of references for her nose since I’ve not drawn that kind of nose profile before :smile:

@scmimi thank you! :blush:


but the hooded eyes and the hair are also so amazing o.o

I guess I still have a long way to go c’:


I do a big proportion of my drawing practice with references or from life, so it’s visual and muscle memory more than anything. If you asked me to draw a flower without references I’d have a much harder time (just as an example). Many professional artists often don’t draw without reference in some form or other, and I’ve seen your art and know you’re doing really great :smile:

I’m glad you like it, though, the hair took a while :sweat_smile:


Drop that nose tutorial.


My (questionable) attempt at Helena. Apologies but i’ve run out of time for the week & will be getting busier from here on out. I’d love to have spent more time trying to figure that nose out & to do something with her hair. A great challenge though. I’ve never drawn a character like this before :slight_smile: -literally just noticed that I missed the eye brows. Hopefully I can find a little time tomorrow to fix that-


Sorry for taking so long, my week got really busy :sweat_smile: I tried something a bit different this time (imported my sketch from my bullet journal and base coloured with multiply layers), hope I got her all right.


The version without the soft light layer is bit more true to colour


Both versions are beautiful. I love your colouring. :heart:


Traditional and digital?

they both look so gorgeous i cri :o