That looks amazing!


Thank you!


Haha thanks! Most of the time I prefer sketching traditionally but colouring digitally. Something about the pencil on paper makes drawing and details easier for me.




We hit the two week mark on this character tomorrow, just reminding @Ryo_Leo @MakosEyebrows @Fallintsel @Woeful @Stewpidley to submit your designs when you’re ready :slight_smile:


My pc was in for repair so I didnt see anyt of this! >.< I did start today!


Quick update:

I promise it’ll be done soon! >.<

PS I suck at clothes so heyyyy


Let my laptop at the office
I’m not so good sorry about this


I was wondering where this thread was at. Good stuff, everyone!


The facial expression is cool. :heart:


Not too happy with it because it’s seriously rushed but I’m done >.<




Sorry for taking like six thousand years on this, but here’s Helena!


Would you look at that magnificent nose




“It’S SeRiOuSlY RuShEd BuT I’m DoNe”

Girl, get that negative crap outta there; this is way too beautiful to be true. Rushed? Sis, that is the definition of bringing a character to life.


Wtf ok, cool. I’m gonna die now? So goooooddddd!


I fudged the face up getting it done quickly so I might go back and redo it :confounded: thanks tho!!


Aw aha thank you


@Ryo_Leo & @Fallintsel I’m giving you guys until tomorrow, Friday 12th at 9:00 Eastern Time to submit your submissions or even to just get back to me and tell me when you might have it done and then we’ll be moving onto the next chosen artist. We’re almost at 20 days for this character and I want to keep moving on so everyone can get their turn :+1:t2: