it was open this morning as well so…


Same. I didn’t properly read, I didn’t know it was a contest.


Yep, a contest with no prize but just for fun


Just a suggestion. What about a shoutout/advertisement/link, etc. on our social media/art pages as reward for the winner/s (if there are runner-ups)? All other artists who weren’t able to make it will advertise/showcase the winners’ works/social media accounts on their pages like IG, Deviantart, etc…something like that.


@astrxphoria I’m using the word “contest” very lightly :joy: It is a fun group activity, but I’m making it closed off so I can keep people accountable. My biggest fear is that people will use this as a way to just get lots of character art when it’s their round, and then they’ll buzz off once it comes time for them to put in work and actually participate in drawing other people’s art :slight_smile:

Also @Kishyie that’s a great idea! I’m also thinking perhaps of having an anonymous poll for each “round”, where everyone can vote on their favorite art of that week. We can do small prizes weekly or maybe a big one at the end? Idk I’m learning as we go along


You’re free to join if you’d like :slight_smile: I just don’t want a hugeeeee amount of people joining as things will get hard to keep track of. Consider yourself signed on


Ah, thanks so much! :blush:


OOooo! I get to go first?! Lets get this ball rolling :smile:
I choose… ‘Alexander Voltairy’! (I think it’s fair since I have done a fully body pose of him)

A little bit of extra info:
- Often grumpy, arrogant, aggressive, but ‘likes his alone time
- He is very wealthy and this is often shown in his clothing
- Alexander is a vampire (pointed ears/fangs)
- If he walked into a room he would grab everyone’s attention. His presence is very domineering and ruthless. It’s rare if Alexander doesn’t get his own way.

I hope this is enough to go off! Have fun everyone! :blush:


That’s a nice first challenge :slight_smile:

A quick one, are we doing full colour or is line art okay?


Do I see red eyes with snake-like pupils?


You do indeed! (Amber merging into red) :blush:


@Wren_Parsons And he has a big puffy nose with a square jaw and sunken cheeks?

oh and can I ask, a rating from 1 to 10 how attractive he’s supposed to look?
(1 being horribly ugly, and 10 being drop dead gorgeous)


(I want to know which details to keep and which to alter)


Yep, a big nose that’s clearly been broken at some point, sunken cheeks and eyes, square jaw and hollow features.

On a 1-10 I’d say Alexander is about a 5/6, he’s very typically masculine with a strong build, but his nose, often slouched posture and frown make him less attractive and more animalistic. Besides his clothing his appearance is often scruffy. His hair is often a mess and he disregards others opinions on him.

I’d imagine Alexander to be compatible to an unwanted stray mutt. He’s beaten down, somewhat wash-up, standoffish and unable to trust a new owner. He wouldn’t think twice about biting the hand that would feed him.

Hope this helps!


Anything goes. :blush:


do not repost my art without permission :upside_down_face:
Round One OC by @Wren_Parsons

I tried lol. i only draw bishonens LOL


In pencil.
Hope I didn’t disappoint.
Sorry, my phone is grainy.


He looks amazing !:heart_eyes:
I really love your art style!


I’m so happy you like it. :heart:


@Wren_Parsons for some reason, I want to make him attractive XD because Vampires=Sparkly to which I get often disgusted because of Meyer lol but not the Anne Rice vampires though. I love Lestat :rofl:

I haven’t done mine yet, maybe after classes lol