Closing up week 2! @HEEdwards please go ahead and let us all know which style was your personal favorite. Onto week 3, we have @Vexful as the choosen artist, so go ahead and show us your piece and let’s get started on round 3!







ah great, my art is still noooo where near ready and you all are about to blow me out of the water but this is my first full body so that’s some progress! :joy:

Damien Hawthorne is heir to the Black Court Throne, and the love interest in my novel. He’s reckless as hell and extremely stubborn, and can usually be seen frowning or rolling his eyes and looking all stern (something I CLEARLY couldn’t accomplish) He’s extremely attractive and very handsome, but unfortunately finds flirting and girls coming onto him in general verrryyy awkward and isn’t as suave as he pretends to be.

Being the future king, he has a very royal aesthetic, and as much gold as you can put into your designs the better! :slight_smile:
Here is a GREAT reference picture of him that really describes the color palette/hair/ overall vibe of the character

Character Profile


Damien is devilishly handsome, with raven black curly hair that goes past his ears and to the nape of his neck. A few pieces can usually be found falling down from his forehead in soft ringlets. He has stunning gold eyes that aren’t too yellow nor too brown, and a sexy 5’oclock shadow that covers his face. He also has a slit in his left eyebrow (his right eyebrow if you’re looking straight at him) that has left a patch of hair missing. He also has a very deep olive/Mediterranean complexion!

Being modern day royalty, Damien loves to incorporate gold into his outfits. Because his character is of the 21st century, he should look like modern royalty, not medieval. I picture him in this sort of top, and black pants and boots like here.



But literally every time a new round starts, I’m not at home. Like, the first time, I was three states up from where I live, the second, I was two states down, and now, I’m in a hotel in the mountains. Seriously, guys, is this a conspiracy?


Aye aye, captain! salute


if we told you, we’d have to kill you…


I ADORE his design, he gives me Game Of Thrones vibes :heart_eyes:


Niceeeeee :+1:


I KNEW that type of character design seemed familiar. Maybe that’s part of why I wanna draw him so badly…


Just my type to draw! I’m thrill for this~~


Since I’m not sure when I’ll be able to work on this, here’s a couple of rough experiments:

If I have time, I’ll clean one of 'em up and maybe colour it, but for now these rather subpar sketches will have to do :ded:


Oooooh you pulled his hair off so nicely! That last one is my favv



I’ve just realised that I forgot to include the eyebrow scar, whoops :'D

I really hope I can do more with it though, I feel bad just throwing these unfinished babies out into the open :joy:


Backed up with commissions rn so I’m gonna try and get this one done today! Start of this masterpiece below (pixellated as per):


You got his skin tone PERFECT omg yes


omg yay! <3 <3


Last blurred out progress pic, the progress photos will all be over on my art station from here on out lol


You’re quite the traveler. :grin:


eyyy another rushed pos from urs truly, hoping my comms slow down for the next round smh >.<