yea sorry i’m a little busy so i can’t spend too much time on them but i tried


will work on it more if i have time :smiley:
sorry im not so great


Just fair warning, I most likely won’t be able to get to this until the 23rd/24th! Am def excited tho.


handsome boi


Whoo nice! I love how atmospheric everything is :smiley:


The pose, dude, I’m in love with your poses…!


I know this might sound arbitrary but I love, love what you did with the collar…!


Here’s Damien! I’ve got the best reference for pose ever, so I didn’t screwed up badly this time. :slight_smile:

Hope you like him!


It’s so beautiful!


I’m still learning to do digital work, so go easy! AND I have limited time with a tablet, so sorry for the messy highlights and all that. Ok. Excuses over!


Thank you so much! :heart:


Excuse the roughness, but I enjoyed drawing him.

I can’t draw hands. XD


who can, though


My class got cancelled once more, so…earlier submission this time :sweat_smile:
I went all digital and felt like testing out foreshortening since that’s all we’ve been doing in art class lately. I hope I got him all right. I had the urge to add an aiguillette but I guess it just kinda blends in with the shirt design.


OH MY GOOOOOSHHHHHH wth??? Incredible!!


HOLY your perspective is amazing! And that lighting :fire:


Thank you!!


Thanks! Even though I used a model I must’ve changed the sketches and final drawing over a dozen times because the perspective never looked quite right to me haha


It’s amazing. :heart: