Yep, just let us know about it! Also, chosen can’t draw when they’re chosen right? Aww…



That’s so good! :star_struck:
It’s so weird seeing how other people draw your character in their own art style!


Since I can’t draw this round, enjoy my sketch of Alexander as a grumpy mutt :relaxed:


I’m glad you like it! I guess it must feel a little odd if you’re used to seeing them in one way, but I suppose that’s half the fun!


It is a little odd seeing someone else draw your character but I really love seeing other people’s interpretations of a character :smile:


I’ve drawn mine, but I’m having trouble taking photos since the drawings are on paper. I should be able to get them in tomorrow :smiley:

I’m not very good at drawing brooding characters, so… don’t expect too much in that department. He’ll be damn cute, though.


Do you have a scanner? Your printer may have one…


@HEEdwards @kadauhara99 @letterbyowl ummm dumbfounded guys, those all look so great!!! Such an amazing start!!


I’ll be getting to @Wren_Parsons OC tonite!


I mean sure you can go right ahead and draw maybe some quick doodles of your character or an expression sheet? Idk really :joy:


@Wren_Parsons How old is Alexander supposed to be? Even if he’s a vampire over 1000 years old, is there an age range he’s supposed to appear as/behave as?


mhmmmm kay… I just want to state that this is my FIRST attempt with digital drawing EVER and Free Sketchbook doesn’t like me so apologies for the subpar content.
(also if anyone has any advice on how to contour using sketchbook that would be cool. Me and the smudge tool are not friends)



best viewed on full screen brightness*


I drew it on full brightness so it became too dark on normal screen… o-o

gotta still make adjustments later, maybe


Nahhh I think it looks great!


try using a bigger sized smudge tool, vary line width, and recolor the lines with that layer on opacity lock, look at examples of paintings eyes, and notice where the eyelashes grow out from

what platform and tools (tablet with or without pressure or mouse ect.) are you using?

btw can I also ask how old you are?


Was it that bad?? :joy: Ahahah I’m 20, but lets just say I suck at art and have never ever enjoyed it because welp, I’m impatient and also a perfectionist.

And thank you for the tips! I’ll need them :joy:


I think your submission was really nice!!! WAyyyy better then I could ever do


His age is around 900 but he acts almost like a spoiled teenager, sulking and often moody, however, he has aspects of acting like a grumpy old man.