He looks really good!! To say this is your first digital piece it isn’t bad at all!

If your struggling for art softwares is really recommend using “fire alpaca” it’s free and it’s really easy to you!


Your shading is so good! :dizzy_face:

I do the same think, I draw on full brightness and when it comes to posting I always think it’s too dark :smile:


i trieeeeed ok


(Sorry for the delayed reply)
He looks really good!! :heart_eyes: your colour scheme is really pretty!


He looks great! I really like the dark colouring it makes him look all brooding and menacing :grin:


thanks yo!


sorry lol lets just say I’m too honest for my own good >~<

I think it's mostly because you don't use pressure though—you've got the basic anatomy and skin tone correct which is more that the average person on deviantart can do, it seems I hope no one on DA sees this o.o;

Art is really all practice, a hella lot of time spent, and you improve by learning from mistakes and staring at other people’s stuff and yourself for reference sometimes. (I recently asked an artist who was streaming on pixiv how many hours on average she spends on her drawings and she said it varied a lot. The thing she previously streamed took around 5 and the thing she was streaming then already took 13hrs and she’s only 80% done, according to her.)

This is her final result:

13+ hours for something that’s barely 1k px = art

I cri ;u;


The thing I just drew took at least 3hrs btw


I tend to go back and forth with stuff I draw. 1 hour one day, 3 hours the next, it can take me well over a week since I sometimes just don’t want to sit and draw :smile:


I draw whenever my dad isn’t home eue

I’m only allowed to draw 1hr per day usually but since we’re currently busy bcs we’re packing to move out, I’m technically not allowed to draw at all ;-;




Y’all really out here making me nervous! Mine’ll be up today :grimacing:


I finally finished it… Since I ran out of traditional art supplies, I decided to do digital… This is my first time ever and I don’t know what to say about it. I’d appreciate feedback~ But, Alexander was such a pleasure to draw!

Version 1: With background. Poorly executed background but since everyone here seems to add background, I thought why not. XD

Version 2: No background. Honestly far cleaner.

Ahhh honestly, digital art is hard~ luckily I have graphic experience and have no difficulty with the software.


Exactly what I’m thinking :sob:


I thought I had a fellow commiserate-r…but yours is nothing to be worried about! It’s beautiful!


Thank you!
But seriously though, it might look okay on phone interface, but the laptop’s zooms in and catches all the flaws.


I’m on mobile and can’t see it therefore I don’t care it’s great



Ahhhh! All of these are so good!!! :heart_eyes:


The hair and the shading for the skin looks amazing :o


I’ll try and get this done by Friday! Gotta do my last finals, but it’ll be up super soon :slight_smile: also the character is cool as hell @Wren_Parsons